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Review of Linda O:

"The offcial homepage of Linda O'neil"
And this is the part where I introduce you to Linda and tell you a little bit about why she is famous enough to have her own fansite, but frankly I don't know who she is. In her bio she mentions a lot of websites where she has been featured as girl of the month so I guess she is more of a cyber girl model, although she also has a professional modeling career.

Linda is (as you can tell from the samples) a beautiful woman indeed, and this is all softcore/glamour shots here ofcourse. But what pictures.... already I would like to say that if you are not into beautiful girls just posing in very high quality pictures this site is not for you, but if you are, you are certainly in a for a treat that will have you begging for more.

Like I said, I'm not gonna hide it, I think Linda is both beautiful and extremely well shaped, she's not your typical run of the mill bleached blonde though, shes the warm looking brunette girl.

The site has all the ingredients a fan site should have really. You have an archive of photos with Linda, a small amount of video clips (too small really), a few theme pictures, a biography and more info ofcourse.

There are approx. 100 photo session all together with linda alone and a few with some other girls, and around 30 shoots of other "babes" posing. The pictures may varie in sizes but the quality stays high and very sharp, just the way babes of this caliber is supposed to shown to the world. Like I said there very few video clips, 5 max I think, and these are not found in a video section either. It appears that a video section might show up one day because there is an "un active link" that says video..... let's hope a lot of goodies get stuffed in there one day. responded promptly to this review, informing me that they feature more than the 5 clips I have mentioned here is a list of the complete videoclips available here:
There are 20 website videos,
plus 5 video clips from Linda on TV,
plus 11 video clips from Linda on Video tape,
plus 4 videos from behind the scenes with Linda on photo shoots.

- I apologize to for not finding the videos but the link was broken for me at the time, I boost content score by 1.

There seems to be a lot of activity going on at the site with updates almost daily, that's pretty good for a fan site.

There is not much more to say, some keywords to this site are: High Quality and babes, sorry, I mean pretty women ;)
If I were to bring out some negative sides that bring down the score a little it would have to be the, although original, rather confusing layout. It's quite fance to display each photo shoot in various ways, but when java effects and the likes are brough into action the smooth surfing sieze to exist. The design could use an overhaul and navigation could be a lot smoother.

1 month: $15.95

The price is pretty standar for a site like this and that's how it should be. If you like what you see of Linda here you will most certainly enjoy the pictures on her page, and you get a nice quantity of them. If you are into beautiful naked women (playboy style) you'll love Linda. Thumbs up.


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