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Review of Wobw:

I am not now, nor have I ever been black, and chances are I'm not gonna become black over the years, and STILL I have the nerve to be the ruthless judge of a black theme site. Damn right I do, I enjoy black women just as much as the next guy, as well as I enjoyed this site.

World Of Black Women (.com) is a big site in every way. They have large quantities of both pictures and videoclips. Now the videoclips are licensed to wowb by but according to wobw it's licensed exclusively to them.

Before I go into what you get on this site, I'll start off mentioning the look of the site, because something just isn't right. When you first enter the site you have a nice clean design in pleasant colors, but the minute you go into a subsection of the site the look changes completely I found that a bit confusing at first and got the feeling I was being thrown back and forth between different sites, this isn't so. The design is definately browseable and everything is neatly categorized, it just throws you off a bit.

Enough bullshit what's in there?
There is far too many pictures in here for me to give a real estiment but says they have over 70.000 pictures here, and I believe them. Not everything is exclusive to wobw but a lot of it really is, and these are the pictures that are really worth watching. I checked out quite a lot of girls in the amateurs section (here all the pictures are tagged by wobw), and there were some real hot chicks in there I can tell you, and in great quality too.

The categorys to choose from are:

Best section is the amateurs section but sadly only 45 models are in here, and if you go to the softcore or hardcore sections the quality drops a little in comparison.

Like I said the videos here are not exclusive but they are nice. Lots of hardcore clips in fairly good quality, you have straight up black and interracial clips to choose from.

When going through the rest of the sections I got a bit disappointed in the site. First of all the live shows are leased ofcourse and you have to pay extra for some live sessions and that sorta stuff and the extra shit surprisingly gave me a lot of "file not found" messages. What I think is going on is wobw is still in the process of redesigning their site so I'll let it slide for now and check back later to see what's going on.

All in all they also do some nice updating and luckily also for their amateur section. While I was surfing around the site name "" kept popping up so I went over there to look at that frontpage and it appears to be more of the good stuff.

Maybe my excitement about this site hasn't really come through in this review but it's really worth the money for sure and it has good quality pictures in abundance and access to some nice black video clips. All in all I do think it's a good site, but it suffers from some of those unfortunate glitches which could have pushed it over the top.

7 day trial: $10
1 month: $29.95

I liked this site, I liked the content, I liked the girls, had the quality been high quality all the way and had I not found so many dead ends, and had the look of the design been the same all the way I would have been praising this site to the skies right now. For now I will just say that this is certainly a great site for black women lovers if you won't accept just any crap, I can recommended it for sure.


1. Followup Review
Overall Rating Change

Sorry I haven't let you know about this site before now. It started out as being a really good source for luscious black beauties but now it's just outdated bad quality (by todays standards) with no updates and overall it's misleading and even vicious links all around. I can't stress this enough, this site is a goner, do NOT consider it, STAY AWAY!

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