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Review of Brittany Love:

You wouldn't know it by just looking at the page, but we are actually dealing with a professional model here and porn actress as well. I was convinced that this page belonged to an amateur girl because it looked very poor, but as it turns out Brittany is, according to her site, a former Miss Nude USA. Well excuse me, but if this is the best miss nude USA 2001 and is going to do for her fans, then I'm just not satisfied at all.

I could go into the whole design and general look of the site here, but I won't, I will simply let you know that it's one of the worst sites I have looked at in a while (and I look at a lot). On the other hand let's see if I can set the mood for you.... Imagine a nice white clean background color; now add tiled hearts with arrows through them and a flower in the middle. You see it so far? Good. Now take a big flashing banner and place at the bottom of the screen (which advertises the very site you just bought access to). Now you put a big grainy and blurry picture of Brittany in the middle and surround with all sorts of confusing and low quality graphics and you are almost there.

Well like I say, the design is not the most important thing about a porn site, but it sure doesn't hurt to put some work into it. If you are here looking for pictures of Brittany I guess you came to the right, now if you were expecting to see some decent pictures I'm sorry to let you down. The pictures are of low quality and they are small, just like the kind you get for free everywhere else. The best quality is her soft core/posing pictures that are 400*600 in size (most of them). If you go to her hardcore section the quality drops from poor to should-be-illegal-to-charge-money-for-quality, here they are in 288*384, which is no more than an oversized thumbnail.

What do you get?
50 soft core photo sessions (30-40 pics in each)

14 soft core photo sessions of other models (20 pics in each approx.)

31 hardcore/lesbian photo sessions with Brittany (30-40 pics in each)

15 "behind the scenes" photo sessions

1 month: $9.95

That is it, and that's that, the content, if it had been even close to fair quality could have been ok as such but you feel like you get absolutely nothing here and the best thing I can say is that the price is low. However the site appears to be dead, there are no updates or anything, my guess it just rots on the net now in all eternity without giving a damn about members. Very poor site don't go there.


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