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Review of Sex Centerfolds:

You don't gather much from the name of the site, but this is a hardcore site, practically with no limits. This is about as hardcore as you can possibly get I think which is classic for CEN (Cyber Entertainment Network). I was overwelmed when I first saw the frontpage so I had to start digging.

I could try for a week but I would never get through all the material on this site. They have a huge picture archive and lots of video feeds. You can either watch live feeds, video feeds or go one on one with a model. Everything is as hardcore as you want it, or as softcore as you want it. I was afraid that it was only hardcore since I like to watch models posing as well, fortunately their archive of models was just a big as their hardcore gallery. The content seem to be updated massively every week which make your interest last longer.

I don't think anyone can challenge that the pictures you get here are of the best quality, you even get to choose the resolution yourself. they have 800*600 and 1024*768 pictures. Needless to say the 1024 resolution pictures are the best and give you the higest quality. The thumbnails are very nicely made and really make the site easier to navigate and gives you a good idea of what the photo shoot is like before you actually enter.
The feeds are the ones that every other site tries to buy from them and plenty do because they are fast and of good quality, and the live feeds are great entertainment.

The fact that you can go 1 on 1 with a model and watch her as you tell her what to do is a pretty neat feature, one that you will want to do over and over again and this ensures your coming back for more, believe you me.

$2.95 3-day Trial
$29.95 for 1 Month
$49.95 for 3 Months

This site will keep you coming back for more with it's high quality content and the most hardcore porn on the net. Prices are pretty standard but 3 months is usually not recommended for a porn site, better choose a new one after that, but this site comes highly recommended, quality all the way typical CEN.


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