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Review of Watch me Play:

When I landed on the front page of this site I got kind of skeptical. The background is a very confusing red/black tiled thingy which at first indicated poor webdesign. The entrance banner did not look promising either with 5 different fonts and the useual gorgeus babes to lure us in, anyways I went in.

At first when you get into the members area it might look as if you have been ripped off because there are only 4 sections to choose from: gallery, what's new, see what's coming and realmedia videos. The quick observer wil notice that this really only leaves you with 2 choices, pictures or videos, because let's face it, if you are new to the site yourself you don't really care what's new about the site.
Well the gallery section is packed with pictures, which all seem to be exclusive of watchme-play. The video section gives a nice selection of videos where you can watch the women undress and sometimes masturbate. On the content side.... this is it.

The pictures are of good, not high, but good quality. They are all of posing/masturbating women and as said there is quite a lot of them. The feeds were of average quality but on nice speed so I had no trouble watching them. They are all short clips of women undressing/masturbating.

This site doesn't give a rats ass how bored you are once you have signed up, since they appear to know that you won't be re-newing your membership.

1 MONTH:$29.95


Basically this site sucks and they lie to get you in the door. They promise you live video, not there. They promise you 3d comic books, not there. They claim to update daily, yeah right, maybe once they did. All in all nothing of what they promise you on the join page is true, so I would stay away. Rember we recently added quick looks if you are just going over this review because you are looking for something in this category. Check out our Quick Look list here.


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