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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$79.95/90 days

Review of Cum on Her Face:

Update 19-06-04
I have recently learned that switched from both mpg/wmv formats to wmv format videos only.

This is a total re-write of this review, earlier this site was reviewed by a guy who no longers writes for pornliving, and this review was one of the reasons for it.

First I would like to agree with the former review, navigation is a bit tricky here and that's a shame. It's hard to just find exactly what you are looking for but once you find out how it works you are sure to find enough hardcore content and cumshot galore that will last you a small life time.

Earlier we said that the quality of the pictures here were poor and not worth watching, this was apparently a big fat lie. After surfing around for about 15 minutes I was yet to find a low resolution picture or even a blurry one. All the pictures were high quality, high resolution and overall very high quality, and boy are the explicit. This is probably one of the best "cumshot" sites I have ever seen.

The whole thing evolves around the Ray Guhn Magazine, the idea of this mag is to show off the pictures with a belonging story line. A sentence or two per picture. I personally like a little text with the picture shoots, it just gives a bit extra than to just list pictures. If you, however, are not a fan of the storylines you can always choose to view pictures only, this is a faster way to get through the material.

A new magazine is "published" once a week and a magazine contains both pictures and mpegs, nice updates, and everything is exclusive material, infact they work very hard to track down people who pirate their material so chances are you haven't seen any of this before.

Almost every picture shoot has belonging videoclips, these are almost complete scenes devided into around 5-6 clips and you can choose to view these in mpg or wmv format, here I highly recommend the mpegs. The mpegs go well with the pictures as they are also of very high quality with sound and these are serious blowjob/sex/cumshot scenes, definately a treat for the hardcore fan, if you are also quality concerned.

Did you get all that? Load of pictures and mpegs and it's all hardcore-high quality, nice content all around.

As for the girls, they have managed to find some very fine babes to do some very un-nice things, it's kinda hard to know exactly how pretty some of the are, as they always seem to have their mouth full ;).

Cumonherface (COHF) also has a rather large discussion board, which is used frequently by it's members. Alot of interaction goes on here with the webmaster and Sexy Sandra who is the hostess for the board. This community is huge, several new threads are started every day, people are making suggestions, discussing the lates magazine and even reporting pirated pictures. I got the feeling that the members are really content with what they are getting and I can certainly understand that.

Another nice feature that I'm not gonna let go unnoticed are the model interviews, these are also available in both WMV or MPEG format, the mpegs are ofcourse of larger size, and I must say that the small sized WMV clips were of great quality. I just love seeing an interview with a girl who has just blown a few guys and now she is talking about how it went over....RAUCHY!

Other features here if I should mention a few more are:
Uploaded members pictures - these are real amateurs who are sending in hardcore photos with their girlfriend/wives.
live chat room
Ray Guhns comic strip -
They are looking for cartoonists here.
Members classified adds - This is not used all that much I'm afraid.
Interactive stories - This was rather fun, members are writing a story paragrap by paragraph and at the end of the month the story is archived and you can see what a bunch of people end up having written, fun ;)

1 month: $29.95

I was very impressed with this site, no doubt it is an ultimate resource for blowjob/cumshot pictures. The content is huge and filled with exclusive content, the only reason I'm holding off a 5 star rating here is because of the rather confusing layout, other than that, if you are into blowjobs, hardcore sex and cumshots galore, look no further because this site comes highly recommended!


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