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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Special: $4.99/30 days (Reg. $14.99), rebills at $14.99
$39.99/90 days
$119.99/365 days

Review of Sandys Fantasies:

In our quest to dig up some dirt on Denys Defrancesco sites (DDF) we strike out once again. This site is dedicacted to a model called Sandy and though DDF calls her "the world's top nude model" we will just settle for calling her cute.

It's easy to spot right away that this site is closely related to the big DDF sites (such as and, and it appears that quite a bit of the content from these larger sites are re-used for this one. Where this site should hopefully stand out then would be on content of Sandy herself.

Well to tell you the truth I was a bit disappointed with the lack of "Sandy content". Granted I did not go to this site looking for Sandy pictures (because I didn't know who she was), but if you at the frontpage decide that you wish to join because you like this girl I think you should actually have more material with her. There might be more with Sandy than I am aware of the problem is how to find it though.....

The way you find the pictures is by using dropboxes, you get 3 options of browsing "Year" "month" and "category". This way of surfing would turn out to be a bit tricky though. I tried categories such as "panties" and "portfolio" on several months but never got any hits. After this the site started feeling kind of empty. If you really wanted to see some content you always had to choose "all". At one point I did browse through pictures of Sandy only, but exactly how I came to do that I'm not sure.

The quality is still a major forté of DDF, although the pictures here do get a bit more blurry on a lot the pictures than what DDF is known for it can usually be explained because it's snapshots of Sandy on vacation and the likes. All in all the picture quality is good here.

As is standard on DDF sites you can download all picture session in .zip files for your own comfort, pornliving are big fans of this feature everywhere as well.

The video clips are hard to really put a finger on. they are all in DivX here (converted recently) and this ensures you some GREAT videoes, I really can't say this often enough, DivX is the way to give porn users video clips. You will find some great lesbian and single girls clips here, here they call the lesbian action GirlCore though, nice touch.

It appears that it is not that often that Sandy puts up some content of her own either, and in general the updates are a bit lacking.

1 month: $19.95

This site is nice no doubt about it, but it's a little "un-needed" really. Sandy doesn't have enough material to fill up a site of her own, and the friends sections isn't enough either to compete with DFF's other sites. Also the frustration of not getting any hits on your search criterias make you feel like there is nothing here. You don't get ripped off here, you get a nice site for sure, but maybe you would be more interested in 1by-day or hotlegsandfeet where the theme is basically the same with more content.


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