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Review of Ronbos World:

Ronbosworld is an amateur page maintained by this one guy, Ronbo, whos connection with the various girls I am yet to figure out. This is mainly because of some bad descission made by the webmaster. You get absolutely no information about this page whatsoever, if you go to frontpage you will just see two options "members enter here" and "join. It's a shame cause there is some great stuff in here in an ugly package.

In the members section it's just a mess, I got the feeling that this page was probably made 4 years ago and no one has bother to update the layout in this period. Again there is no info on what kind of page this is that you have just signed up for, very twilight zone like.

To break it down for you, what you get here is amateur girls in both softcore and hardcore action. It's only pictures (except 3 small real media clips) and they are of medium size useaully and are pretty sharp and generally look nice for amateur shots, and then there really is nothing more.... but the image gallerys contain around 300-350 different shoots so it should keep you busy for a while.

The design of this site brings it down a great deal, I know I would have enjoyed this site a lot more if small things were changed. Maybe some background info on the site, and one thumbnail for each section, and some indexing like: Hardcore/softcore at least, but it's just one big endless list with names of girls you don't know (goes without saying for amateurs I guess)

1 month: $29.95

The content here is great, I loved the amateur pictures a great deal, and it's all exclusive and that's all fine. The price might be a tad too much but still it's nice material, I can recommend this site for amateur lovers, but I encourage the maker of this site (Ronbo?) to shape up and give the members a bit more dedication on the building of this site.


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