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Review of Lisa Boyle:

Lisa boyle, a living legend already, absolutely without a doubt one of the most beautiful glamour nude models is this part of the galaxy. What's even more interesting about Lisa is that she is an amazing nude model photographer as well which she shows off very well on her page.

"I find it an amazing feeling to be good at something and respected for something other than my body and the size of my boobs. After all, one has to hang up the g-string at some point right?? "
You go Lisa!!!

Well pardon me, but I do "respect" your body and your boobs (sorry about that) as I'm sure all you out there do too. That is why it is a very nice surprise to see a site with this kind of dedication on a glamour site. The dedication to the quality of this site is uncanny and not easily upstaged by other single models. This all shines through in the nice clean design all the way through every section and every little sub section. Also the theme of the thumbnails, each and everyone... a lot of time goes into this site and it really shows.

Now I should start talking about quality and I should probably sound really objective and tell you about some pro and cons. Well I can't put a finger on neither the great hq video clips or the even more hq and very proffessional pictures you get here. The Video clips are like straight out of playboy tv with nice music and cool shots.

The pictures are all very sharp and big and well... just perfect to look at really, one con comes to mind though, even if it's not completely fair. This site IS softcore and glamour and then absolutely no more. You will see a lot of beautiful, beautiful girls and their breasts, and only on very rare occasions will you see more than that but that's the style of the site.

As mentioned, Lisa does some photography of her own and she seems to be very successful doing it too. The pictures she takes of other hot models are all very good in every aspect and can surely compete with such photographers as Suze Randall and Earl Miller.

If you like Lisa and you are looking for anything to do with her, don't worry you are totally set up with this site. You get a well written biography, you can chat to her once a week, go in to the kissing booth with her look at 1000's of pictures of her, get wallpaper and screensavers with her or maybe play some of her games. It's all lisa and it's great.

Now not all of the pictures here are exclusive, but they are rare and it's very rare too see this many hot models in such high quality all together on one site..... so before I start to sound too much like a car salesmen I think I will start to wrap things up.

1 month: $19.95

SOLD! Great price for a great site, she recently raised her price $4 but I still love this site, if you are in to glamour photography, this one comes recommended at a fair price! Being a Lisa fan helps a lot.


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