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Review of Molly Land:

This is another amateur girl/couple site which are not as rare as they used to be, but this one doesn't make a bad entrance to this category......

Whats in here?
around 65 photo sessions which varies in quality but they are all of nice big sizes and only a tad grainy, ok to look at.

30 videoclips of very high quality. The reason for the high quality can be explained because they have chosen to show off all their clips in DivX format. I am a big fan of DivX winning ground on most xxx sites because it gives you great quality in small packages, more sites should switch.

Molly's diary - in which she makes two entries a month (not impressive)

Some leased access to some live shows, the annoying part is that two links where one says: "members cams" and the other says "Live shows" both of them go the same place...hmmmmmmm.....

This is how this site is easily reviewed, just a list of content. I have to inform you that this site has only been up for about 6 months, however the commitment to the site seems to be a bit lacking. I don't just mean the few entries to Molly's diary, also members cam missing and only one update a week. It's a tough competition out there with much more dedicated amateur couples out there so you really have to shape up.

1 month: $19.95

VOTED BEST $6.99 SITE ON THE NET! is what it says when you go to sign up, but know that, that is only for the 3-day trial. Kind of misleading if you ask me. In general I was not impressed with this site, I thougt the 30 clips (around 45 minutes) of video was nice but after that I kind of lost interest fairly quickly, I've seen better than this.


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