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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$95.40/365 days

Review of Clothes Females Nakes Males Secret:

Give the people what they want and eventually they will not want it any more. It seems that the ladies have been taking their clothes off a little too much lately and with the massive exposure of internet porn, leaked celebrity sex tapes and raunchier PR campaigns a lot of guys are ready for a change. Simply put, it’s once again becoming more exciting to watch women clothed than it is to watch without. It will sound ridiculous to a lot of you as it did to me but really I find this relatively new niche rather interesting.

The new niche I am referring to is the Clothed Female Naked Male that is pushing. It is very well illustrated on the splash page of the site showing 3 women in stylish outfits enjoying wine and a nice meal served off a naked guy lying on the table with a stiffy getting worked by a woman sipping her wine. The first thing that came to mind was Sex and the City and even though that show targeted women primarily I think the nod is quite intentional. Part of the CFNM fantasy here is that the women are high class girlfriends who simply “consumes” a good cock for the fun of it and stay a bit uptight by staying almost fully clothed throughout taking advantage of the guys.

It might sound as if you do not get to enjoy any of the best parts of the female anatomy but nothing really could be further from the truth. You get the full monty in every aspect but it’s not constant. Breasts and asses are hidden for a great portion of the time which makes it much more erotic/exciting when you get to explore each of the bodies bit by bit. It might sound wacky especially if you are a horny teenager but at the very least you need to visit the tour part of this site to get the idea.

I have personally been enjoying this site most of the day for better or worse. What kept me around for such a huge amount of time (for me) was the CFNM fantasy part. To me it’s fresh and a bit more sensual than your usual porn gonzo. How is that for praise by the way? Yuh, let’s take a breather and have a look at what the site actually has to offer in a cool data kind of way.

A monthly membership is $25 and there is a 3 day trial membership available for $5. Please be aware that seemingly random restrictions apply for trial members. I was able to browse almost all of the site without problems but every now and then I would get the message that the clip was not available to trial members but it was still a generous trial.

I’ll ignore the network for just a while and let you know what’s available for the site on its own. The exclusive video count for now is 27 and this has increased by one new movie every week for a while but for the past 2 months there has only been bi-weekly updates. This seems to be a trend across the board for these high volume exclusive networks. I won’t go into any further analysis of this recent phenomenon I will just conclude that as of now the updates on this site are bi-weekly and that’s not really impressive and definitely my biggest grief here.

If you want me to point the spotlight to more of the site’s shortcomings I have to mention the fact that there is no option to watch a movie in it’s entirety in one single clip. Should you wish to do this you have to download the complete WMV file. Otherwise you have to stream it in 3 segments or should you wish (who would) 1 minute segments but that’s a bit old school right?

Another thing annoyed me about this entire network all together right now is the amount of ads that you have to train yourself to ignore. At least they label everything as “advertisement” which makes it easy to distinguish but still it has always annoyed me that I have to endure ads on something I paid for, but then again, maybe it would be more costly otherwise for me… I’ll let you chew on that.

Alright that’s enough sour puss for now, afterall I did have a really great time here and what I enjoyed the most was the lovely ladies, professionel productions and overall high class feel to the movies. Pulling off this niche isn’t going to come easy for anyone as you can’t just borrow your neighbor’s camera and make this thing work. As I see it you need a high end production to drive it home and more importantly the girls have to be classy. Nobody cares about the teasings of a trampy looking woman, you’ll just want her to take her clothes off and get fucked to be done with it. Luckily the site doesn’t seem to just throw any old model in here, they keep the high class level and that makes the site come through in the end.

I skipped the network before but for a quick reference, this site is part of the RealityKings network which sport 25+ exclusive hardcore sites and that gives you all the security you could ever need that you get your money’s worth here. There 6000+ exlusive movies available across the board so as long as you enjoy watching well produced hardcore realityporn-themed sex you’ll get all you paid for and more. Check the right side of this page for a more detailed listing of sites you gain access to when signing up.

My final verdict
I ended up enjoying this site on it’s own merits completely. I love the theme, it’s a winner and I had a great day of porn here. When you throw in the network sites and the bulk of exclusive movies available it would be tempting to roll out the red carpet and slap 5 stars on it. I won’t however. I have to deduct points for the lack of a full movie stream option (and yes I would have appreciated flash streaming), only bi-weekly updates and a fair amount of ads here and there. The site comes out on top in the end thanks to a fresh theme, nice women and overall high quality production. Do check out the tour to see what it’s about you should have enough information to make a decision from then on .


Reader comments:

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Comment by: Norman Rating: 10-11-13

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