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Review of College Bash:

You remember those wild, crazy college nights right? Well, for me, there was none of that. A wild and crazy night consisted of class until 4, a quick double cheeseburger on my way to work, and working until 10. Needless to say, I was unable to enjoy the parties, and I never got the endless boobies thrown my way. Pretty disappointing, I must say. However, I did get a diploma, which might be hard for some of these brainless partiers to say in a few years!

College Bash is a site all about the college parties. There are tons of hot women all around, tons of alcohol, and a lot of free spirited sex! Man, I wish I didn't have to work so hard in those college years! The theme of College Bash is basically the college parties, and the amount of drunken sex that is had within those college parties. This is not so much girls gone wild, it's more of a porn site with a real basis on college campuses. Either way, these girls get down and dirty, and it sure is fun to watch!

The main page of College Bash is the same as all of the Mofos site. On the side, you get the standard sidebar which they have for all of their sites. This has a lot of different stuff, but it is more geared towards the actual network versus the site of College Bash. The main frame is all about the bash. The main content is listed across a few pages. Each page has one thumbnail of the action. With a site like College Bash, it is very difficult for one thumbnail to tell the whole story. In some of these sets, there is so much going on, you might need a whole contact sheet! So that doesn't fit well with this particular theme. There are clickable keywords and actress names on the side of the thumbnail, so if you like a set or a theme, you can see more of it, not just on the site, but across the entire network. You also get a little description which will tell you more about the set, a date of posting, and thats about it. Overall, I think the design could have been custom tailored to fit this site a bit better, and the parties are not well represented on the front page.

Clicking into a set, you get a nice video page. The first thing on your right is a flash video of the scene that you can play embedded like a youtube video. To the right of this, there will be the same descriptive information you saw on the front page. Underneath, you can download full videos in WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4, or iPod/PSP format. Underneath this, there are some thumbnails for segments of video. These thumbnails provide the best preview of the action, in my opinion, but even they could be expanded on more given this particular theme. Underneath these, you can see similar sets, again not online for this site, but across the entire network. With a solid video download page, the only thing would could say is that it is a bit much on one page, we probably don't need to see related sets of content, only because we can easily surf through the rest of the network ourselves. Otherwise, this is nicely designed.

The videos on College Bash are very nice. Now, given the theme and the concept of the site, the videos aren't going to have the highest level of professionalism comparing to the other network sites. We're at college, we are partying, we are going to have some shakier camerawork sometimes, and the scenes aren't going to always be perfectly lit. Normally, these are things that I would complain about, but they really add to the aura of the theme here. The videos look very nice at full screen, and despite what I talked about just there, they still look incredibly professional all the way through. They run smoothly with good sound as well.

The videos here, it should be noted, do tend to have a longer run time than their sister network sites. In fact, some of the higher quality videos here hit the 900MB mark. That can take a lot longer to download, but there is also a lot going on here, so the download times are warranted. Overall, there is a nice balance. It might take longer to download, but I feel that each set can be viewed multiple times and still be fresh.

So it's pictures you are after? Each video set has two picture sets that come along with it. One of these is high definition pictures, with great quality. The other is vidcaps, which still look acceptable, but not as good. The high definition set mimics the action of the videos, but with some slight twists involved as well. There are some nice, posed out shots of the women if you like to have those. Quite frankly, I do, because while we all love porno, I like to see the before and after of the scene, not just the actual screwing. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and also, it's nice to have pretty women to put on as backdrops on your computer too. You're not going to come for the pictures, but they are enjoyable if you are interested.

The girls on College Bash actually look like college girls. This actually came as a suprise to me, after the sister site, Teens at Work, had girls who didn't really look too much like teens. The girls here fit the niche well, and they are also very hot at the same time. The action is great- each set, in many cases, contains lots of little fuck scenes, very hot and very cool. I prefer that over seeing 45 minutes of the same two people switching it up. So everything works good.

College Bash is a member of the Mofos set of sites. Right now, this includes Colllege Bash, Teens At Work, Can She Take It, Day With A Pornstar, and Mofos Worldwide. This is a nice little upstart coming from the same people who brought you the Brazzers network. They are the motherfuckers of porn, that is their concept.

This site in particular is their stongest body of work, both in content and quality. If 27 scenes of lengthy college content seems like a winner to you, it is! Take that with a nice, upstart network, this is the focus and they do a great job with it!

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