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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: 3GP, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $24.98)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.98
$59.96/90 days
$119.98/365 days

Review of Teens At Work:

When you are younger, you have to take some odd jobs to kind of get by and earn some extra money. We all spent time flipping burgers, cashiering, or washing dishes at some point in our lives. However, looking back at the time, it was never much for a career, rather, it was just a job. Making the money to afford the women and our party lifestyles. I remember this fondly, as I held onto the life a little bit longer than some might have. Looking back, I should have gotten out a lot earlier, but it does lead to some fun times!

Teens At Work is a site that combines that simple teenage work with the one thing that we all love; porn! These dirty girls are getting down while working at the pizza joint, the local shoe store, or even tutoring to get by! I have to say that I kind of like the concept here, which is part of the reason why I chose to review this site first of the Mofos sites. I always like my porn with a little bit of back story. It makes it more realistic, even when the actors are completely terrible and unbelievable, which is often the case in porn. So that perked me up to this site right away, and I instantly thought it could be good.

When I got inside, I was not disappointed. You have to go through the Mofos portal site to get in, and really have access to all of the sites from here. When you get to the Teens at Work page, you get a pretty decent site design. It looks very professional, with links parading down the side for the entire Mofos site, and the main frame giving you one thumbnail per set of content. This thumbnail will clearly show you the actors, but more importantly, you get a ton more when you click inside of a set. But theres more on the front page, including a nice write up description, the number of times each video has been viewed, a rating, and the date added. You also get the stars involved, and the categories. The latter two are clickable, so if you see something you liked, you can click into it and see more related content.

Moving on to the videos page, you get the capability to stream the full video right then and there. To the side of this flash streaming is something that might look familiar, basically the same info capsule that was on the front page. You are given download options of WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4, and iPod/PSP. Underneath this, you get some more thumbnails, each representing a segment of video. For those of you into segments, this is cool, but even moreso, it is cool for those of us who want to get a further preview of the action before deciding to download or not. Underneath this, you get the related scenes, not just from Teens at Work, but the entire network of sites. Finally, under this, you have a comments area where you can share comments with other users and see what they have posted.

Downloading the videos at high quality, they look really good. You can full screen without a problem, and everything looks really crisp and clear. Furthermore, the quality is enhanced by great camerawork and a real professional look to the videos. This is no second rate operation, everything is done in a real high quality, from beginning to end. The sound is fine as well, crisp, clear, and everything works well on this level. The site really deserves a pat on the back for keeping everything nice.

So you like looking at pictures as well? Teens At Work has you covered. They give you both high quality pictures, and screencaps. For the pictures, you can select the first one, and a new window will pop up. You can run a slideshow and also flag your favorite pictures. The High quality pictures seem to be taken independent of the videos, but generally have the same idea. It's nice to get some of these girls with more posed out pictures than we are accustomed to seeing. Very nice along both lines, and a nice extra to have to go with the videos you really like.

There are a few extra options with Teens at Work as well, these include a tab for a trailer, so you can really preview a set, and also a tab for 1 minute clips for those of you who are on a really slow connection. I didn't really have much use for them but some might. There are a few, cleverly placed ads on the site. They really don't get in your way, and you probably wouldn't notice them unless you really delved into the bones of the sidebar. However, an ad is an ad, and while I thank the webbies for not making them annoying, I still need to dock, we don't pay for ads!

You might have to suspend your disbelief quite a bit if you really want to get into the theme that these are teens at work. While they are all younger girls, many of them have the telltale signs of porno weariness, you know they've been around the block. Others, you can just tell, not so natural. It might hurt your enjoyment of the site a bit, but try not to focus on the teen aspect as much as the "at work" aspect, and you might be better off. The theme comes off well, outside of this area. This makes the originality aspect of the site a bit higher. You know this is not just original, but also pretty unique. That adds some points to everything in my book.

As stated before, Teens at Work is a member of the Mofos set of sites. Right now, this includes Colllege Bash, Teens At Work, Can She Take It, Day With A Pornstar, and Mofos Worldwide. This is a nice little upstart coming from the same people who brought you the Brazzers network. They are the motherfuckers of porn, that is their concept. With that said, Teens at Work is the most original, and one of the bigger sites on the network right now. They clock in with 22 scenes of part time debauchery. The update schedule isn't really too clear, they've only been live for a few weeks now, so this might be something to watch in the future. You will enjoy it, the value level isn't top notch quite yet, but it is still worth the money you are paying for it if you order it today. With that said, I give this a firm recommendation based on all the facts.


Where were the girls like this when I was a teen, at work? How come my pizza delivery girls doesn't hump me when she takes longer than 30 minutes? These were questions I raised when going through Teens at Work. I did not question the quality, theme, or performance of the site, which were all very good. I definitely recommend this as a site with a nice theme, and some nice, professional looking porn.


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