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Review of Virtually Jenna:

I’m not really watching porn these day, I’m making it myself now and it was about time right? I’ve named my latest movie “The incredible Bulge”… man I suck at this.

Anyways all this filler intro text is just a desperate attempt to be a smart-ass (well 1 out of 2 ain’t bad) and to tell you that we are not going to be looking at a regular porn-site today, we are reviewing a sex software application called Virtually Jenna Forever version 2.0. Basically this is a 3D game that enables you to create sex scenes with custom or predefined models and gives you complete control over the action and camera angles.

Just talking about the game/software is going to be confusing so read on to see how things goes as I set out to make my first 3D porn movie. Upfront I’ll say that the 3D models throughout the game positively surprised me. Technically this game is very well done and attention has been paid to a lot of details.

Picking the models
To make a new scene I have to choose 3 models: Myself, a SexMate and a 3SomeMate. 3 are suggested by default but you can choose from a small range of models (10 women 2 guys) and just go, or you can be much more creative and customize your models.

I started out customizing the girls, honestly I felt a little weird trying to make a 3D model of myself so I stuck to the girls, which was more enjoyable than I had foreseen. As I was customizing my model I could replace all kinds of clothing (or strip her of course), I could play around with her breasts in details, how big, shape, level, liftup, rotation and spacing. I could finish them off by choosing from different types of nipples as well. Rather nifty. On top of that I could play around with the eye color and eyebrows.

Besides playing around with specific parts like that there is a much more advanced interface simply for getting the face right. I was looking for something to change the hair with for a long time but I gave up. It seems weird that with so much attention to detail, you still can’t change your model THAT much as the hair never changes. Sure some of the models have different hair so you have to do it that way but a button for hair editing would be much needed.

Other than that, as you can see from the first video clip, you do not have an option to make the girls skinnier/fatter, change their ass and leg or height. These are probably not important things to many but I felt that these options should have been included in a final payment version such as this. The idea is all about freedom and creating what you want, such limitations speak against the software in a big way.

Lights, Camera… Action!
So we get started, if you are checking the video you can see what options we have. We can manipulate the camera to be anywhere we want (although it can be a tad tricky to operate at times) and we can also strip the models as much as we like or make them wear whatever we want.

In the beginning you can do some foreplay if you want but that’s like watching paint dry, just like in real life ;). In my movie I go for traditional blowjob-starter, then I get her on her knees for some doggy style fucking and then we’re off. I accidentally slap her around a bit too much so her excitement drops and her pain level rises, on top of that I drip on her with a burning candle. Bad form if they are not too into it I guess and this one didn’t like it.

I am not really sure yet what the purpose of the game is so I went for getting both the girl and the guy to get off. I found that the whip could be a quick way to success combined with a lot of pussy licking. Eventually they both came and so what more is there to do? Well as you may notice from the clip, some things are not available to you yet, like certain poses, sextoys or even outfits these thing you have to save up sexcoins to buy. Sexpoints are awarded as you play, in my case you just saw me do freemode but if you do story mode there is much more sexcoins to be made if you follow the fantasies. You can also get ranked on the server.

The bottom line
This is a fun program that tops anything I have ever seen in the sex-software genre and if you are not against the idea from the get-go then you can probably get yourself a boner going from looking at these 3D models doing what you tell them to. The graphics are excellent and the added gameplay of collecting sexpoint serves as an incentive to keep playing for us and for the company it can probably keep their members a little while longer. I was missing the ability to edit a few detail especially hair and ass but other than that I was truly impressed by this erotic game and I had a lot of fun.

$9.95 for 3 days (trial) then $29.95 recurring every 30 days
$29.95 recurring every 30 days

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*note that the ratings fite conventional porn sites but this is not one. Ratings were given only to optain the collective score.


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