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Review of 2 Chicks at the Same Time:

I know I haven’t been writing a lot of reviews lately but the truth is, well the truth is I just haven’t felt like it. I don’t know if you ever had one of those periods in your life where porn suddenly became less important than anything else? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but I am just getting over one of those periods. Sure I had a look at the occasional porn movie here and there cookie cutter stuff boring as hell. Other than that I feel like a damn virgin not having reviewed a porn site for 3 weeks straight DAYUM! Today the will is there and I have a goodie stashed away to sink my teeth into from one of my favorite niches; two girls and one guy hardcore, yes indeed.

The site I have decided to dive into (because I couldn’t bare a stinker to start with) is 2chickssametime.com. As with most porn URLs these days, it’s pretty self explanatory. Yup, you guessed it. This site features movies and pictures, exclusively of 2 girls fucking one guy… or is that the other way around?

This is kind of a safe niche for me because more girls does more for me, it’s that simple. In this case I also already know the producers of this site from reviewing the other ones they have done, which are available as a network package deal when you sign up to either site. So going in I had a very clear idea of what to expect in regards to quality, type of girls, navigating the site(s) and update frequency. This is why I chose this site because it was and is a safe bet for porn fans.

I noticed the site around May 16th when it popped up in the network here boasting a very humble collection of 8 “episodes”. With weekly updates that hasn’t really changed a whole lot but at least now there is 12 available as I’m writing this and that’s a tad more meaty. It’s pretty standard for networks like these to expand their niches in this way. What they do is settle on a niche, shoot a butt load of content for the new site and then they start it off small by making up the for lack of content for that particular site with their bonus sites in the network. For me, I just happened to discover that this site was added to the roster as I was already a member here. The site does not appear to have officially launched yet but you can join the whole network through the link.

The first movie I went for featured Ryder Skye and Adrianna Jay as they seemed very classy in their dresses. The mix was irresistible as one has medium sized fake tits and one barely had any plus there was a great difference in height, anyways that’s what got me.

My first impression was disappointment that it was not show in widescreen format. I know it’s something new that I’m bitching about but I switched like a year ago to a wide screen format and I have gotten used to it. Therefore it is now bothering me a great deal to look at 4:3 aspect movies. And yes, my wallet is too small for my 50s and my diamond shoes are too tight (guess where I quoted that from).

ther impressions about that movie and others that I watched here was that they were definitely not high budget porn movies in any way. Even though there is a nice little setup for each scene (better than nothing!) and the girls really do appear to be trying to act their asses off it all comes off as amateurish. Granted, this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on which way you lean, but now you know. You might want to try and scroll down and have a look at the sample video to get a feeling of how they are.

t first I admit to have been turned off as the setups seemed more laughable than anything else but by the second movie I was really digging the style and really enjoying myself. A big reason for it being so enjoyable is the girls here. They are really outgoing, chatty and oh yes, all American. I’m not saying American girls are prettier than any other nation’s but they do speak English and even though I heard it about 85.000 times by now I still enjoy hearing a woman scream: “FUCK ME!”.

I ran through 4 movies in a hurry (by skipping of course) and it didn’t take long before I was sorry that I was already half-way through. This is the main downside of this site and the one that I would like to point out here. 12 Movies isn’t a whole lot even when you get 20+ exclusive hardcore sites to boot. In this particular case I was really out for the whole 2-girls-1-guy setup and the other sites simply cannot cover that demand. You should be aware that at the time of review there were 12 movies and the site is updated with a new movie once a week, do the math accordingly.

Other than that everything was great, the quality of the movies were top notch, except not widescreen, and all the episodes contained nice high resolution still photos as well which helped pass the time a bit longer.

It was easy to navigate the site and jump between sites and I was particularly happy with the live site addition to the network. This site features live webcam chats every day and has a huuuge archive in great quality(!) available for our viewing pleasure, another savior for the lack of content for this one site.

The bottom line

A great new site that is guaranteed to thrill fans of the genre with few shortcomings that will become less significant as time goes by. A good find and a great network.


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