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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Stockings Kingdom:

I’ve been in a terrible mood all day mind you so maybe I’m not as cheerful and upbeat as I can be on a good day here. Screw it, I’ll start off right away by saying I was bored out of my mind having to go over this site cookie cutter niche site. And trust me I’m really into stockings it’s kinda my thing ;). So why wasn’t Stockings Kingdom able to get my juices flowing? Well if you seriously are interested in the answer read on but I fear I gave too much away in this intro.

First things first, as I entered the members area of this site I was immediately struck by this overwhelming feeling of déjà vu. The whole layout looked like some sort of modified porn blog (hehe) and my first thought was “why would I pay to follow a blog?”. Then of course you think that well, this is exclusive material mate, it costs a lot of money for them to produce this. Nah on second thought I don’t really think so. All the material I found here varied a great deal from absolute crap to some really great photos and scenes but there was never any red line through it all.

Quality is an issue for nice portion of the pictures and videos, that would probably the really cheap sets they got from a content provider, but granted there are real gems to be found as well. However it really did annoy me, that even though the recurring niche is of course stockings, it’s completely mixed up from there on out. You never know if the next update is going to be a softcore picture photoshoot or a hardcore video set you’ll just have to hope for whatever is your favorite and then you have to hope that the next time, it will be a decently fresh clip/photoset.

Navigation will have you screaming for mercy in no time as it is practically impossible to find whatever you may be looking for. The categories that they have made available to us are categories for all the content in the whole network of cookie cutter sites that they run here. So you can’t actually browse for say b/g hardcore or lesbians or whatever. You’ll have to plow your way through the updates pages for that. You can however sort by videos and pictures, that’s nice and it’s also nice that you can download photo sets as a .zip file, now if only half of them weren’t so horrendous.

The videos were of really low quality even though for the .avi files (wmv also available) they state that this is “bigger size, better quality” I didn’t see any of that. The movies that I did download were first of all, all named fulllength.avi. So basically I can distinguish them in my download folder by… well the sequential number that my firefox adds to each file name ;). On top of that one of the videos I downloaded was damaged (tried re-downloading once) nothing could be done though. I could watch some of it with VLC media player but of course Windows Media Player could not squeeze out a second. What I did get to watch medium resolution at best 4:3 aspect ratio (I thought they stopped making monitors for that?).

I was to come up with something redeeming for this site it’s the fact that you get access to a lot of other niche sites here. The problem again is that the content seems to be bought mass produced cookie cutter content that is sold by the hundreds and it really is porn at its lowest and most boring.

The bottom line
There is no love for the niche, the design, the quality or the originality. This site was made to beef up an otherwise unoriginal network of porn sites but I still sit back wondering, where’s the beef? Don’t go there’s plenty of much better pantyhose/stocking sites out there.


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