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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $39.95
$29.95/30 days
$119.40/365 days, rebills at $9.95

Review of MILF Soup:

I was just reading up on the term MILF on wikipedia just now, not much written I’m afraid. I can tell you that the term is believed to date back to the 70’s but was of course made famous by John Chos when he uses the word to describe Stiflers mom. Unless of course you are referring to Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a Muslim separatist rebel group in the Philippines, then you have come to the wrong place.

For the very few of you (I suspect) that are not familiar with the acronym MILF, it stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck, and yes the “t” would make it much harder to pronounce so let’s stick with it. is on a pretty tough mission if you ask me. It has to try to stand out in the sea of other porn sites that have tried for the past 8 years to cash in big time by simply applying the “MILF” tag to their mature content. A lot of really insincere attempts have been made at making decent sites this way which gave way for the new acronym “INIM” I’m Not In the Mood. Yuh, OK, so I made that one up just now and yes the “t” again would make it harder to pronounce. Seriously though, you get the picture. Just because we dig mature women does not mean we are into dogs and piss poor productions. Let’s have a look to see if has heard our voices.

Some background on this site includes the fact that it’s part of the Bangbros Network. This is by far the best known porn network around and they built themselves up on the legendary site which started the whole “reality”-site craze a few years ago. If you don’t know about this site, you’ll be even more happy to learn that you get access to bangbus and 15 other exclusive hardcore porn sites in the deal. A few of the other sites also try the reality-type approach to the movies but because it became old news pretty fast most of the sites are just plain gonzo.

MILFsoup also does not try to pass it’s content off as “real” infact it’s going into a complete new direction by telling us they are out to shoot fantasies. Well maybe it’s not as much of a new direction as it is a coming home to the old porn land. The pros of making porn this way is that it gives the producers a lot more space to work in. For example with bangbus you can grow tired of them always banging the girls in that fucking bus, but what can they do? That’s the theme of the site! By saying you are going to film fantasies instead you can work within any area with any type of woman (still a bit mature) doing any kind of action as long as it’s enticing.

So yes we are back to the girls moaning excessively and extremely corny setups that could never actually occur and so far, I’m loving it. I have watched 2 complete movies each approx. 30 minutes length and I watched them both cover to cover (can you say that about a movie?). My point is that I was entertained throughout the movies and I became horny as hell. That is a great job by a porn site right there.

The women throughout the site fit the bill, no doubt about it. They are great looking mature women between the age of 28-37 is my bet. They all pack a nice rack to boot and though this is not a rule for the theme it’s just good business right ;). There are 27 movies available at the time of this review and the site now promises a new update every week. The reason I say now is because you can tell by the update schedule that the updates were missing for 5 months last year. The explanation for this is most likely that Bangbros purchased this site from another company and has now taken over producing new material for it as well as making it part of their network. However this is just speculation on my part.

So like I told you I like the premise of this site and the movies are nicely executed which is of course the most important part of any porn site I agree. And though I definitely did have a nice time here I’m not all too sure I will be hanging around for this site alone anyways. The reason I say this is because the site feels old by today’s standards. The content is organized fairly decent but it gets a bit messy when you find the episode you want to see and you have to download or play in browser. For a new site launched by such a big company I would have loved to have seen streaming flash movies instead of the heavy .wmv streams that, by the way, do not play in my beta version of firefox. Even more so I would have loved high quality movies. 640 by 480 resolution at 1 mbps bitrate surprisingly doesn’t do it for me anymore. The picture looks a bit washed out and pixilated especially when the lighting gets dark.

Just to finish the cons before ending on a positive note I got annoyed by the fact that the trial membership was restricted so that I was not actually able to watch the movies. To watch the complete movies I had to upgrade my membership to a 30 day membership and that rather sucked. I ended up spending $30 that way, hrmf. For that amount of cash you would expect the site not to be plastered by ads everywhere right? Well don’t get your hopes up. There are so many ads hidden all around that it starts to feel like free sponsored porn site that just decided to start charging visitors. OK I overdid it just a tad but I was trying to make a point; Waaay too many ads for a site you paid to get into.

I’m don’t wanna be the grumpy horny bastard so let me finish off by telling you that each movie comes with matching still photos and screen caps (what purpose the screencaps serve then, I have no idea). The photos are easy to navigate because of a flash picture plugin viewer that works very well. Also when you take into account the amount of content signing up to this one site gives you access to, you’ll still be smiling all the way to the bank. And let me not forget, the movies really are entertaining and raunchy.

The bottom line

This is a nice new addition to the Bangbros site roster that already boasts 2 other MILF sites. I would have been nice to have seen some new ideas regarding quality and viewing experience but there you go. MILFsoup gives us nice looking MILFs in great, thought out fantasies but lacks that tiny extra in quality to make it a stellar site. Still, a solid recommendation for all you MILF hunters out there.


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