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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Other, Windows

Prices: $17.95/30 days

Review of Net Moviez:

There are a ton of sites out there that I call DVD Archives. They basically are sites that have older porn movies available for download onto your computer. I'm not talking hairy muff and 70's moustache old, but they are a couple of years aged. The studios no longer have a viable seller in stores. It's not like regular movies where they can show older movies on television. They also can't do much re-releasing of their porno. So basically, when a porn has a couple of years, there is nothing to do with it. Now, the studios can license it out, and the consumer (us) can get a large amount of porn for a decent amount of money.

So the DVD Archive really is a cool idea. However, time has taken its toll on this idea, and sometimes a DVD Archive site can be rather unappealing. The biggest problem is that there are now a ton of sites using this idea. In most cases, this would be pretty cool, more porn for us. But, the problem lies in the fact that the sites are basically using the same content pool. So you have dozens of sites with the same stuff, with just a few differences between them. Today, we are looking at Net Moviez, which I think is a bit of a refresher.

First off, I'll just go a bit into the style of Net Moviez. The movies are categorized in many different ways, such as by studio, by actress, or by category. This is pretty standard. All of the previews are great here, giving you an awesome idea of what the movie is offering. When you go to download the movies, you get some nice quality options. The highest quality is a DVD quality which runs and looks nicely, but isn't an overly huge download at the same time. Everything else is pretty much in line, and what you would expect from a site such as this.

Net Moviez has some nice movies. I think the first thing I noticed is that these are movies I have not seen recycled over other sites. For example, Tiny Chicks Sure Can Fuck #2, I don't think I've seen that elsewhere. I am sure they can fuck, but I would really like to test that theory sometime. I also find myself wondering if Leah Luv and Lexi Luv are sisters, or is Luv just a popular last name somewhere? Back to the site, I will say that the site does use a lot of the common studios used in DVD Archive sites. Acid Rain is a notable example. So I don't want to go out on a limb and say that a lot of this stuff isn't available on the other sites, it might just be newer on the other sites since I last checked them out!

I can say that Net Moviez is a bit of a newer site. They definitely don't have the content level you see on some of the related sites. There are only a handful of movies in each category, if that. What I don't understand is that they have some empty categories, like redheads. I like redheads, don't get my hopes up like that man! So the site is really rather empty in relation to similar sites. The plus side of this is that what they do have is relatively unique to DVD sites from what I've seen. Of course, you should do your own investigations, because there are some sites I haven't been on in a couple of years.

Even with that said, the site seems to have picked up on the newer stuff without throwing in the stuff we see on all the other sites. Thank god, because I was getting tired of some of that stuff. On top of that, they are adding DVDs on a daily basis, so while the depth of the site might not be as high as some others- it is coming at you at a greater clip than some of those sites. Adding a full DVD a day in itself warrants a membership to me, especially if you are someone like me who enjoys all types of porno and can download everything.

Which will take me to my next point- this site will not appeal to fetishists of one or two different styles of porno. Since the content level is lower, this is even more of a point when you compare it to an established site. For an established site, you might get a page or two of DVDs for your favorite freaky act or actress. Here, you'll get a happy handful, if that. Use my redhead example for instance. I love redheads, and on a more established site, I might get five or six redhead only sites. Here, I am lucky with one redhead DVD, and I don't even get that as the category is empty!

These problems will all go away with time. If you are reading this review in about a year from now, well, first of all, hopefully I have a girlfriend and 20 less pounds. Site-wise, as long as they kept up the updates, Net Moviez should be slamming- so take this all into consideration when you are reading this review! Sometimes, a site will open with a shitload of content- Net Moviez seems to be working into shitload status!


I think I've pretty much said it all- Net Moviez has a leg up on competition based on some different titles, but a leg down on the competition with overall content. I can't possibly give a terrible rating to a site that is giving us a DVD full of content on a daily basis; but if you are looking for mass quantities of porn, other sites might be better. The design and flow of Net Moviez is very promising and it will be a top site as it adds more content! I personally spent a lot of time downloading here, I will say that! Also, if you are reading this close to review date- check out the sweet limited time pricing options!


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