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Review of Uniform Taboo:

Sometimes, it's nice to dress up. Personally, I don't do it too much. I am more of your jeans and tshirt kind of guy. Of course, I have to amp it up a little sometimes for work and become a shirt and tie guy. One thing I will never be into is dressing into different types of uniforms. Some guys find women dressed in uniforms very sexy. Now, I'm not saying I would turn down a naughty nurse- I'm just saying it would affect me if she was dressed as a nurse or just rolled out of bed!

Uniform Taboo is a site for the gentlemen who appreciate their women dressed in different types of outfits. I'm not sure if uniform is the proper word here, really. When I think uniform, I think of something that needs to be worn for a purpose. They do have that here, but they also have different styles of dress I wouldn't consider a uniform- a cheerleader outfit, for example, is not one I would think of when I see the word uniform. Either way, this site is pretty cool in that it includes all different types of dress and does not just focus on one. The whole uniform fetish seems to be a dying one, unfortunately. I remember years ago when cheerleaders and nurses were the huge deal. Now, we've moved on to other things- but some of us will remain with the fetish from time ago, so we get to respect it here on Uniform Taboo!

When you first sign into Uniform Taboo, you get a pretty busy, yet simple website. The easiest thing to do would be to navigate using the sidebar. This gives you all the different categories to move into. Underneath this, you get the latest updates. On the main frame, you get a featured set for each category, with several thumbnails per set. On the right side, they have a listing of all of the free sites and review sites where they are featured. Now, this might be good for a possible member, I see absolutely no use in having this on a members page where people have already joined.

You'll notice I speak of categories. I will list them out for you right now so that it is clear how the site is broken down. The categories on the site are: Schoolgirls, Cheerleaders, Nurses, Maids, Brides, Army, Nuns, Secretaries, Fantasy, Other, Police Force, Sport, History, Formal Wear, and 50's Diner. As you can imagine, they do have a lot of different types of categories on here. That is cool, because it gives us a lot of different types of content to look through. At the same time, if you are really big on a certain category such as the diner one, keep in mind that the actual sets here might be quite limited. The 50's diner only has two sets right now, as an example.

When you jump into a category, each category is sectioned off into the three years of life the site has had. So you can view the sets from 2008, 2007, and 2006. Some categories also have videos listed, but they are few and far between. The picture galleries are pretty basic. The pictures themselves are relatively small as well. If you click on them, you get a bigger version- but still not all that huge. You can't really download any zip files here. The photos look good, but they are not great.

I can't even say too much about the videos because there are so few of them! I mean, it's nice that they did include some videos, but the pictures are definitely the king here on Uniform Taboo! With that said, we'll go right into the particulars of the women and the action.

The girls on Uniform Taboo aren't too bad looking. They range from hot to somewhat ok, with more of them hitting the hot level. As far as the action, it's mainly the girls dressed up in uniforms and then stripping out of them. I wouldn't consider most of the site to be hardcore, the big focus here is the dressings of the women moreso than any action element.

The site claims to be updated every day, but just looking at the dates on the sidebar you can see that is not the case. In fact, you are lucky to get an update every week here! As far as the content level, it is probably middle of the road. There isn't nearly as much content as I would have expected from a site like this. I can say it's still growing, but with the sporadic updates, it's hard to even use that line of selling.


Uniform Taboo fits a targeted need to see women dressed up in different kinds of uniforms. However, the overall execution of the site is weak, and I feel there are a lot of holes that need to be filled here before it becomes a leading website. It sure has the potential of theme, but I feel this site needs to be a huge archive to really live up to what it is trying to do- not a site with some sporadic updates here and there.


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