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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Asses in Public:

Imagine yourself on a regular dull Tuesday afternoon. There's still a couple of hours before you can call it a day but you really just want to go home. You're standing on the street waiting for your buddy to bring back the donuts (ow did I mention you are a copy?) and suddenly this naturally, perfectly shaped goddess comes up to you and flashes her tits. You're still a little surprised but when she asks you if you would like to touch her boobs you react instantly and start grabbing. Once you've slapped the around a bit she kindly exclaims "I hope I made your day a little better" and walks away with a big smile on her face. This is exactly what happened to an anonymous guy on

Asses In Public is all about the porn star girls taking a stroll through the neighbourhood before the actual fucking scene shoot. As she strolls along with a camera man she flashes innocent bystanders, showing off her boobs and ass and they always let some people grab all they want. After the walk is over the camera man and girl find a back alley, usually behind a dumpster and a guy enters to fuck her right there in the alley. The purpose of course being to show the fact that the shoot could be interrupted at any time by people who just happen to walk by. In some scenes they actually gather an audience to watch the fucking later on and that is quite a thing to witness.

This setup is not entirely new as I have review a very similar site earlier named The only differences being that the girls on publicinvasion are Eastern European girls (almost no English) and they do not flash random people or stop them to let them touch the goodies. On Asses In Public the girls are all American or at least English speaking and they interact with the guys they meet (and a few women). Also on the other public site I did not see any fucking in front of an audience, this happens sometimes on and when it does you'll even hear the camera man yell out stuff like "we're not gonna show your face, don't worry about it".

So yeah we're dealing with a pretty unique site that can only be categorized as public hardcore fucking a niche that I for one would like to see more sites cater to ;). But you only get so far with the idea, it has to be well executed as well to keep us watching and keep us from not cancelling our membership in the long run. The producers of the site is well aware of this and they do not let any bullshit get in the way of us and the porn.

All the porn is made available in any way shape or form you would want it. Let me just get this list off my chest. Here's a list of what you get access to when joining Asses in Public:
- Full length movie downloads.
- 1 and 5 minute segment downloads.
- Wmv, mpeg1, mpeg4 and ipod/psp formats available for all scenes.
- High resolution still photos available for every scene.
- Screen capture pictures for every scene.
- Zip downloads for all pictures.
- Rating and comments done by members. (browsing by ratings available)
- All scenes are category tagged for easy searching.
- Full length streaming flash for all movies (also segments).

I've mentioned all this in my earlier review of Teens Like it big (that you also gain access to when signing up) but just in case you do not want to switch review I'll just praise the flash streaming feature a bit more here as this works extremely well for this site. The danger of streaming video is always that the servers will not be able to handle the load properly (no pun intented) or that their bandwidth gets maxed out and you still get choppy video. This was in no way the case here. I was jumping through clips faster than I have ever done on any porn site before. Everything started playing right away, and I could skip ahead and it would just follow suit right away. For the first time I ever I honestly didn't care if I could download the movies or not because I knew I would just come back there every day anyways. Seriously, this streaming experience is amazing and it completely eliminates waiting period for when you want to jerk off. Truly awesome is part of the big network that you gain access to when signing up. This means that when you sign up for this site you get 18 sites more. As a jumping off point for this site that is a nice backup the 24 movies available when I wrote this review. Asses in Public along with all of the of the other sites on this network, is updated once a week with a new exclusive scene. So throughout the network you get 19 new scenes every week, that's pretty strong. It's worth mentioning that most of the sites are big tits/hardcore sites so big tit lovers into hardcore will get the most value.

I wish I could talk just a little trash about this site but I would not know how to. Everything is so neatly organized, it's easy to jump from site to site and searching for specific scenes covering certain niches is also done extremely well. You can also add scenes to your "favorites page" from where you can keep track of the stuff you like best. You are also able to see the upcoming videos for the next 14 days, kind of an incentive to hang around right?

The Bottom line
This site basically has no competition. If all the public galore gets you off then this site is done as well possible for the moment using latest video technology. All thumbs up for this site and it's awesome network.


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