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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Teens Like it Big:

I don't think 18/19 year old women are that much different from older women really, of course they like it big, sorry fellas we still need to save up for that kick ass Porche. It's like this really, if you got a big dick and no money, you can fuck the girl once, if you got a small dick and lots of money you can fuck her every day. If you are anything like me and you are thinking "fuck making money, I gotta get a big dick and fuck a new girl every night" then this particular site should showcase what easy one night stands you have in sight (should you succeed).

"Holy fuck are you human?". That's one of the first things I heard when watching a movie on this site and that statement sums up the action pretty well really. The girls are you with a tendency to have medium breast sizes (nothing spectacular in that area) and apparently big fans of big cocks. Now don't go expecting huge-never-before-seen-big-ass-cocks ramming these girls, it's not really that kind of site. It's more like the guys have a pretty big-cock and the girls will keep exaggerating throughout each movie. The premise is teen girls fucking guys with big dicks with a very short story setup.

Even if I would have started writing this review with a negative attitude towards it, it would have been virtually impossible to maintain that as the site delivers on so many areas to a regular horny guy like me. First of all I think the girls here all are very cute and I was delighted to see such pretty girls do all-out hardcore, that's always sweet. But I also liked how every movie is produced and how the girls act on camera. It's not not just dead fish making a buck doing porn they actually get into with fake moaning (oh how I love it) and overly exaggerated stereotype comments but with twinkle in their eyes. Seriously, the people who produce this site do not throw out junk, they make fresh porn. seriously I can't say enough good things about the scenes, they are great.

OK, here is what really got me going about this site (and the network you get access to when signing up). All the porn is made available in any way shape or form you would want it. Let me just get this list off my chest. Here's a list of what you get access to when joining Teen Like it Big:
- Full length movie downloads.
- 1 and 5 minute segment downloads.
- Wmv, mpeg1, mpeg4 and ipod/psp formats available for all scenes.
- High resolution still photos available for every scene.
- Screencapture pictures for every scene.
- Zip downloads for all pictures.
- Rating and comments done by members. (browsing by ratings available)
- All scenes are cattegory tagged for easy searching.
- Full length streaming flash for all movies (also segments).

I would like to underline the streaming flash movies as this works extremely well for this site. The danger of streaming video is always that the servers will not be able to handle the load properly (no pun intented) or that their bandwidth gets maxed out and you still get choppy video. This was in no way the case here. I was jumping through clips faster than I have ever done on any porn site before. Everything started playing right away, and I could skip ahead and it would just follow suit right away. For the first time I ever I honestly didn't care if I could download the movies or not because I knew I would just come back there every day anyways. Seriously, this streaming experience is amazing and it completely eliminates waiting period for when you want to jerk off. Truly awesome.

Teenslikeitbig.com is part of the big network brazzersnetwork.com that you gain access to when signing up. This means that when you sign up for this site you get 18 sites more. As a jumping off point for this site that is a nice backup as at the time that I wrote this review there were "only" 15 movies available. Teen Like it Big along with all of the of the other sites on this network, is updated once a week with a new exclusive scene. So throughout the network you get 19 new scenes every week, that's pretty strong. It's worth mentioning that most of the sites are big tits/hardcore sites so big tit lovers into hardcore will get the most value.

So now that I have been so positive about my experience here is it possible to shine a light on some negatives? Well my only real concern about not urging everyone to sign up for this awesome site right away is that the teen niche is note done to the extreme. The girls do not all have pigtails, mini skirts and long striped stockings on and they don't have painted freckles etc. For me personally, I like it a lot better done this way without any out of place imagery so you could say it's not really negative just a warning for those expecting it.

The bottom line
To me this is an awesome teen site. The girls are great, they really do their part by looking great and really get into it. Regarding quality everything is just outstanding and it's a pleasure to navigate the sites because of great design and because of great speeds. The big hit is the streaming flash movies (think youtube just much better quality) I must say I'm starting to think that if all porn sites do this I might never actually download copies again. An excellent hardcore teen site that simply delivers.


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