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Review of Toxic Goddess:

There is a bigger and bigger fanbase for gothic erotica, I've found. Now, I am into the whole scene to an extent. I mean, I think gothicy girls are some of the most awesome there are to be had. However, I always think of them more as girlfriend material than wack off material. So I usually don't find myself going to these types of sites too often. When I do, I am treated to some nice material. I found as much on Toxic Goddess.

Toxic Goddess is a softcore, gothic website for fans of this style of picture. Let's break it down a bit. The girls you are getting here are often pretty good looking, but of the dark beauty kind of look. They usually have dark hair, dress in dark clothes, sometimes wear corpse paint and are often in some kind of gothic outfit. This is like looking at the inset of a Cradle of Filth album, but an entire site full of those types of pictures. The softcore nature of the site is very apparent. They start off right in the beginning by saying this is not a pornography site, and that is a very true statement. Instead, it is a site focused on a specific genre of women in various states of dress and undress. Don't jump in here expecting anything too sexual. This is mainly a boobs and ass type of site, there is really nothing too sexual about it. It is more artistic than anything else.

Jumping into the site, you first are taken to the area of the site known as the Altar. In regular sites, this is called the main page or the update page! It gives an overview of the site, previews upcoming sets, and has text listings of the previous updates. Everything is clean and very simply laid out. There really isn't a lot of substance here- more like an index page than anything. To get to the real meat, you'll go directly to the gallery section.

The gallery page is split up by month. Each set is given a title, which I thought was kind of cool. As an example, one listing is "Queen's Castle" with Toxic Goddess Dark Mistress. The goddess is the model name, of course. Kind of a cool way to present the material. For each month, you get three tiny thumbnails for every set. The preview piece isn't really here at all. Instead, you rely on the text of the photographer. The site does give you a lot of information for every set. You get the photographer, who did the makeup, the model, who did the rigging, and when it was shot. You also get a nice long comment from the photographer. The thumbnails don't really do anything for you, you really have to go into a set to get a true preview- and then you are already there!

When you get into a set, you again get a pretty standard multi page picture setup. There are 20 thumbnails per page. Again, the biggest weakness is the size of the thumbnail. They just make their thumbnails so small that they are pretty ineffective as a preview tool. That leads to a hell of a lot more pointing and clicking than you would normally do on the site.

The full sized pictures are actually really good. They are ultra crisp and clear with a very nice quality to each and every picture. Some of them have some odd lighting effects, but those are done purposely to enhance the theme. I didn't care for it when they did that, but I guess it adds to the theme and the people who are into this will appreciate that. There is only really one quality of picture here, but it is good and definitely worth a look.

The only additional feature at the time of this writing is a lightly used forum. According to the Altar, they are going to be adding some videos in the future. For right now, however, it is just the pictures and the forum.

The women on Toxic Goddess fit the bill of exotic, gothic beauties. Well, most of them are beauties, a few could be considered a bit questionable- but again, they fit the bill of the theme. It's all about the theme here, and the ladies fit it well. I already touched on the action, but to reiterate, there really isn't any. It's simply a few nudey shots with the focus being on the gothic theme, not the naked theme.

At the time of review, there were around 70 goddesses here. That is a nice number, and with weekly updates, the content continues to stream in. Overall, it's a pretty decent amount of stuff- and with the upcoming supposed expansion of the site, it is looking that upcoming months will be stronger than ever!


This is definitely just for fans of gothic material. There is no sexual content and even the nudity is pretty toned down. It is super softcore, and for genre fans only- but overall they do a pretty good job at bringing you the site.


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