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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$29.95/30 days
$89.50/365 days

Review of Her First MILF:

The first time you try something is always memorable. After a while, it becomes second nature. This happens with me and food all the time. The first time I have something, it is the best in the world. Each time after that, it gets more and more common, and less interesting. As time goes by, you almost forget how awesome it is in the first place. I would imagine as a young lesbian, a first milf experience would be something to remember.

Her First Milf is a site with the theme of younger women hooking up with older women. This is a reality site, where we see the view of the hostess, who tries to seduce various young girls into bed. The girls who host the videos vary from video to video. The theme here isn't really one of innocence or of teaching- it's pretty much just the first time a younger girl hooked up with an older girl.

When you sign into Her First Milf, you get a pretty straightforward webpage. It lists the episodes, in order of the date. There are four pages of episodes, and for each episode, you get six smaller thumbnails in addition to two bigger thumbnails. These thumbnails will give you a nice, accurate look at the action the scenes. They also have a description, a timestamp, and the length of the video. You click into links for either the pictures or the videos. There is a topbar for the site, but the navigation is mainly through this portion of the site. The only place relevant the topbar takes you is to some network sites. The site is designed in a simple, not so flashy kind of way. But it works, and it gets across all the main points- so it's pretty good.

The videos are the main focus here. When you go into the videos page of any set, you get the same two bigger thumbnails you just saw on the front page, along with some download links. You can choose, through links, to see high resolution or low resolution. You also have the choice of going with segmented clips, or full video. Both of these options are available in both MPG and WMV. I usually go WMV when I have the options presented to me, and today was no different. The site does a good job in giving you options, which I really like. There is also the option to check out vidcaps if the previews on the front page were not sufficient, which they should have been. A quick, easy way to get the videos.

The quality of the videos hold up nicely as well. You can full screen these videos and get a great quality with little loss. They look really good throughout. The videos are done in a reality style, and the camerawork is superb. I really like everything they did here with the site. My biggest issue, and you know I always have to have some kind of issue, is that the videos take fucking forever to download! They aren't large videos at all, averaging around 400 MB for the high quality WMVs I downloaded at full length. With that said, the servers must be slower than shit, because it takes forever to download a video. I have a very high speed connection, so I know its not me. This can get frustrating, especially when the content is good! I mean, I really want to get everything from this site, but it might take me a full month to get what amounts to a medium amount of content!

The pictures here are simply screencaps taken from the movie. They really don't look terrible, but also don't look that good. I would say I would definitely pass on the pictures, they are the weakest area of the site. With this being a video focused reality-type site, there really isn't much of an emphasis on it anyway.

The girls on Her First Milf are hot, all around. First, they have some very pretty and hot young thangs burning up the screen on one side. On the other side, the Milfs fit right in. I'm sure most of you would not turn away any of these hot mommies. They are beautiful all the way around. I also like that the girls are really into the lesbian sex. It is kind of old to see the girls having to be coerced into it- here they are like, "take off my clothes, no problem!" and it is more refreshing.

The content level is also quite questionable. First of all, the site hasn't been updated in months, which is sad, because I do like it. The first few videos seem great, but going into the past- it seems generic and more recycled content, but I cannot verify that. The newer stuff is definitely on point. There are a total of 20 videos, so you are not smothered in content here, but with the quality of more than half of the sets being above average, there is more of an incentive here. Couple that with a nice network and you have a decent score.

As part of the bonus network available here on Her First Milf, you get Ass Fixation, Blow Banged, Cum In The Face, Housewive Adventures, Sperm Swallowers, Sybian Solos, and Teens Threesome as well as Premium Pass. In addition, you also get the official sites of porn stars Jenna Haze and Gina Lynn, as well as producer Jules Jordan. Not a bad little grouping of sites from the outside!


I wish this site would continually be updated, because it really does have a lot of cool features to it. First, it has some beautiful women. It has a theme I personally love, and one that is pretty underused in porn. Furthermore, the quality here is great, both in look and execution. But unfortunately, it isn't updated, and some of the older sets look a little weaker, which really just make this a medium of the line site, only worthy of a look if you want to check out the bigger network.


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