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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $3.99/3 days, rebills at $24.99
$24.99/30 days
$49.99/90 days

Review of Kinky Housewife:

Sometimes you need a little kink to spice up your sex life. Sometimes, you need a lot of kink to spice up your sex life! And sometimes, all you want is a simple blowjob, on and off in five minutes. I'm usually part of the latter crowd, but I have to admit, sometimes it can be cool to be kinky. Therefore, I am willing to check out some sites which have a focus on kink. Today's site is all about kinkiness, with the Kinky Housewife!

Kinky Housewife is a site that focuses on one mature women, Anisha and her fetishes. She is a big fetishist, mainly in the form of golden showers as well as bizarre insertions. So if you are looking for a woman to shove something inside her that has no business in her, and then take a pee afterwards, this is your girl! The theme is actually pretty cool, you get a little mature, a little single model, and a whole lot of kinky! Anisha plays the role well, and we'll get more into that later as we look at the site further.

Jumping into the front page of Kinky Housewife, you get a site that is designed in a more prehistoric kind of way. It is basically a very simple website, set on some uglier colors. The page has some banners around it for different areas of this site. There are also a lot of junk/ ad links as you get closer to the bottom. You basically only need to use the sidebar here, to get to either the pictures or the videos section. There are a few other relevant links, to bonus areas, but the best thing to do would be to just stick with the pictures and videos.

The videos page lists all of the sets with three smaller thumbnails per set, and text links to download either low, medium, or high quality videos. There is also a brief blurb on every video. This is again a very simple setup. The thumbnails give you a decent enough preview, but nothing too overwhelming I would say. You pretty much get an idea of what Anisha is like after the first few sets of pictures or videos, so the rest is just seeing what particular fetish happens in the set, and how it takes place. The thumbnails are accurate in showing that. The videos are all WMV quality, and they are all full video chunks. The qualities are 250, 750, and 1500.

The quality of the videos are actually pretty good. The entire site plays off as being very amateur, from site design to the basic concept of the site. However, they give us a good quality of video here, which gives me more faith in their product. At high quality, the videos look quite clear even at full screen with nice brightness and color. Pretty crisp, and I think it's pretty impressive for a more amateur oriented type of site!

The pictures actually closely mirror the video sets. I would say close enough that these are probably just vidcaps of the videos. In other words, they are screen shots taken right from the videos. I don't understand why they would do this, with a nice theme and a great lady here. The set up of the pictures site is again painstakingly generic. It looks like a porn site I would have viewed 10 years ago. Very lame and weak, and the pictures don't have much meat to them. Each thumbnail is named with 33.jpg or something similar underneath the thumbnail. Opening a full size picture doesn't even net you much of a better picture. Just slightly bigger, and if you look close enough, you can see the telltale pixels of a video capture. They do a decent job of hiding it, I must say, but the pictures are not up to par either way.

Anisha is a very sexy older woman. I would put her in late thirties or early forties. If you are a fan of mature women, Anisha will definitely do it for you. She does a great job on this site, makes it her own, and really is good at working the fetish scene. That is a big bonus for this site, considering how good she does. The action here, again to reiterate, is mainly circled around golden showers and bizarre insertions- food, shampoo bottles, you name it. Everything but the kitchen sink, maybe she is saving that for next weeks update!

Kinky Housewife is updated weekly, with a total of 34 video sets online right now. They do a good job with keeping the site up to date weekly. The site just recently opened about three months ago, so they are upstart with a lot of potential to bring the content on! They claim to have bonus content; most of it is leased stuff, with a few videos taken off of similar sites, but they serve more as ads for those sites than as true bonus content in my eyes.


Kinky Housewife is a nice site for fans of mature, kinky based content. The site is video oriented, and lacks some cool features you may get from single model sites. It is also ad heavy and generically designed. However, I still think it will have some fun to offer for fans of the multiple genres presented here. Not ideal, but it is a nice little amateur niche site.


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