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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$59.70/180 days

Review of Monster Curves:

I’ve been in a porn-slump again lately. I don’t know what it is but my taste has changed a lot regarding the girls I want to see do porn. Well I’ve always had a good eye for a nice ass and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is my view on how the girls should be “built”. I’m tired of those matchstick teen-look-a-like girls with no tits and ass whatsoever. I used to love looking at a completely fit body but I admit that with the teen niche getting more and more saturated I’m into some booty and a big pair of natural tits. looked like the kind of site that could re-kindle my love of porn again and I can already reveal that I had a really nice time here.

Monster Curves focuses on ladies that are a hell of a lot more voluptuous to look at than your ordinary teeny-bopper sites. To make it onto this site the girls have to be more J-Lo than Cameron Diaz when it comes to booty. And more Pamela Anderson than Calista Flockhart in the rack department (why these names?... Don’t ask me, they just popped up).
Other than that there really are no rules for what kind of porn we are in for here except that it’s 100% boy/girl hardcore but with a lot of other niches thrown into the mix. You’ll see some girl-girl/boy, some anal, great reality setups and girl/girl even going as far as to some serious ass licking.

The action is constantly very raw shot in your typical reality-style handheld camera way. This works very well for these kinds of sites and does a great job of getting you close to the action in an intimate way. It’s not overproduced, music in the background and 10 gallons of paint kind of porn. It’s more, let’s go over here and see what these girls are doing kind of nastiness. First thing I noticed after hanging around a lot of Euro-girl sites was that there was a lot of dialogue and the girls at times had absolutely filthy mouths. Yummiiieee!
The scenery changes constantly and I can honestly say that so far no two scenes look or feel alike. Throughout all the scenes, or movies if you will, the diversity really stands out and that keeps your experience here constantly fresh. All kinds of crazy ideas get thrown into the mix like pouring milk over a girls booty or planting drinks in their asses to sex in very public places. Only thing you know for sure is the girls will be packing.

To sum up the action: varied real hardcore movies featuring curvy girls with great nasty attitudes.

As of now the site boast a modest collection of 11exclusive movies however it’s worth mentioning that each “clip” can run as long as 1 hour an 10 minutes. This already amounts to 11 hours of porn flicks. Add to that a new movie added every week, every Thursday to be exact and you already have a pretty nice deal if this niche appeals to you.

What helps this site out on the content side is the fact that it’s added as part of the Reality Kings network. This network of sites is very well known among internet porn enthusiasts but if you are new (here) you might need know what this network includes.

The Reality Kings network currently consists of 26 exclusive porn sites. All these sites specialize in various niches but the common denominator would be reality hardcore porn. All the sites are 100% exclusive and produced only for this network and by the network owners. They are all also updated every week with a new video which is a tad astounding when you realize that, that means you get 26 new exclusive hardcore porn movies every week (that’s more than 3 a day). As for bang for your buck, quality and quantity this network is in a league of it’s own and I have never expressed anything but good will towards it.

Each movie is accompanied by a set of still photos and these are actually very good for this type of site.

You are able to save or view the videos in a number of ways. You can choose to just stream the videos or download them to your hard drive. For streaming the videos are available 3-segments or 1-minute segments. For downloading here you can choose to download the video as one big file or also download as 3 file segments. If you wish to download in mpeg format you have to settle for 1-minute clips.

The quality that is interesting is of course for those who choose to download the biggest file and the technical specs of the movies here are:
bitrate: 1,26 mbps
Resolution: 720 x 480
This of course is not HD quality and the videos can seem a tad pixilated but it makes up for it in bitrate. Overall I would say that the combination of a sensible download size (550mb for 1 hour) and quality is a good match.

The still photos took me by surprise as there were several hundred accompanying each set and they were surprisingly sharp to look at. This is something that had been lagging on this network for a while with the photos not getting much focus, now they are 900x600 sharp photos and they are really really nice to look at.

The bottom line
This site is a sure hit for hardcore fans who dig curvy women. I would like to point out how varied the movies are and the great interaction between the girls and the camera guy. Just to top it off it’s part of the reality kings network and it just ends up as one of the very best porn deals out there that just had another terrific site added to it’s roster. And might I add, an awesome niche is covered here.


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