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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $11.00/30 days (Reg. $32.00)
Special: $108.00/365 days (Reg. $135.00)

Review of Club Seventeen:

This site is a very popular teen site, but we are having problems figuring out why exactly. The pictures of the girls will give you flashbacks to the early days when the teen magazine girls would all wear sweatbands and long stockings while wearing a schoolbag. Maybe we should look outside the window to see if any teenage girls actually dress this way..... or ever did, I think not. If we look past that for a while we should look at the quality here. Well it's out of focus pictures, blurry and very small. but they sure do have a lot of them.

The girls all look like they are teens, well some of them do because of the obvious "teen-clothes" though they might actually be older, but thats the porn business for you. Also the "fresh faces" category seems to be a total ripoff. They are obviously scanning very old magazines to find these girls and to call them fresh faces is kind of insulting.

There are some leased video feed content and so on, all the usual stuff but the quality frankly scared us off, and the whole concept made us leave this site fairly fast.

1 month: approx. €29.95 (approx. $36.78 according to site)

It's expensive and it's low quality from the 80's and the whole very teen-theme seems taken to the point of tasteless. We do not recommend this site, we know it's popular but they are ripping you off with shitty quality and their high prices.


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