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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $26.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Brazzers Network:

Like I promised you all with the review of I am taking a closer look at rather impressive network of sites all with strong focus on big titted women. It's a real recipe for success in the porn world to weed out the flat chested women and give the surfers a "Rack-Guarantee". Even if there is a niche market for surfboard chested skinny girls, big breasts still sell better and it's still what most users on Pornliving are looking for. With this network I fell pretty confident that this is like Nirvana for hooter lovers.

So the deal is, sign up at one site and get access to the entire array of sites that currently totals 16. For a very reasonable price of $25 a month (cheaper if you sign up for longer, check pricing this might actually be a good idea with this particular network) you have unrestricted download access to 1200 videos. This amounts to approximately 760 hours or porn from the get go, and with 16 new episodes across the network there's 10 hours more every week, 1½ hours of new porn every day. It's a pretty sweet deal really, one of the best out there.

Like I said the main focus across the network really is Big Tits but boy/girl hardcore is also a given on 15 of the sites, the only one that stands out is the tit-fucking site, Jug Fuckers. Other than that it's hardcore all the way and over the sites some bigger niches makes an appearance as well as a micro niche or two. To give you a complete overview of what you can expect from each site here's a site-by-site rundown including an episode count as of today. Note that all sites feature big breasted women as this is the theme for the entire network.

Baby Got Boobs
Episode count: 150
Description: This site, in it's own words is "the first and only site dedicated to busty teens on the net". If it's the only site to combine these two niches I am not sure as I can't think of any site that is adamant about the teens have big breasts or the big breasted being teens. But there it is this is a big tits/hardcore/teen combo site.

Big Tits at School
Episode count: 61
Description: This site introduces itself as the site where: "Sexy school fantasies and big tits meet up". Yep it's a hardcore site located at school. The women alternate between being students who are seduced or seduce the teacher or being the teacher doing the same to the male students.

Big Tits At Work
Episode count: 61
Description: Hardcore sex at the work place. You'll see the sexy boss lady take control of her male employees as well as male bosses exploiting the busty secretary. Nice role playing here, classic setups really.

Big Wet Butts
Episode count: 82
Description: If you like big tits, chances are you dig a curvy body and therefore might appreciate a big bouncing butt. Well this is a combination of big tits and big butts and of course it's boy/girl hardcore as well.

Busty and Real
Episode count: 137
Description: Hardcore boy/girl action and fake tits are barred here. If you have become addicted to silicone tits or other kinds of implants this isn't for you. If you appreciate REAL boobs though then you are likely to be interested.

Busty Z
Episode count: 86
Description:This is basically just a busty hardcore site. I didn't notice any other recurring niches here other than the site exclaims it tries to find the biggest tits in the world.

Butts and Blacks
Episode count: 84
Description: A hardcore interracial site where there's a lot of video shot with an eye for the female darriare.

Doctor Adventures
Episode count: 89
Description: I'll take any excuse for putting a busty woman into a white skirt uniform and while you're at it, give her a stethoscope too. This site is all about the women doctors being horny as hell and exploiting their male patients.

Hot Chicks Big Asses
Episode count: 48
Description: It's a hardcore site and girls also have big... what? ;)

HQ Honeys
Episode count: 11
Description: Actually this site isn't a hardcore site and it looks like they abandoned this one and no more updates are coming. The idea is to have busty beauties play with themselves here, the key being that they are the kind of beautiful that won't do hardcore. Well it didn't quite work out for this site and it's just left as a content filler now. Not updated.

Jizz on my Juggs
Episode count: 70
Description: A hardcore site where the scene climaxes with the girls having cum spilled out over her tits at the end. Unfortunately this site has also been discontinued for updates now. Last updated was 8 months ago so don't expect any new content on this one.

Jug Fuckers
Episode count:220
Description: This site is not hardcore, it's a site where the girls rub the guys off with their breasts and of course blowjobs. If you are mezmorized by girls running cocks between their tits, this is pure overload.

Mommy Got Boobs
Episode count:106
Description: A hardcore MILF (mature) site. This deserves a lengthy description really but there's not much more to say, a top notch site all together.

Pornstars Like it Big
Episode count: 30
Description: The latest hardcore site that is basically a pretty regular porn site. In this case they just combine it with the big cock niche so it's big everything here.

Racks and Blacks
Episode count: 108
Description: Interracial hardcore site with the added niche of big cocks too.

Sex Pro Adventures
Episode count: 32
Description: Couples having sex problems go to a sex pro here. The sex pro is usually a woman who throws herself into the mix to show them just how they are supposed to do it. A rather nice twist on this site.

Wow you really made it all the way here? Well let's get even more dry and go over some technical stuff.

The resolution for the video is a cozy 640 by 480 at 2000 kbps but the picture can look a tad washed. However considering that one single video is usually around 40 minutes duration and around 500MB I think they've landed on a nice quality level. Any higher and we were looking at Gbs per vid. The quality is definitely decent but it's nothing to brag about, good for porn but not HD lovers.

The still pictures are pretty much the same, here they settled on a 600x900 resolution and they are certainly not shy about clicking the camera. An episode contains around 700 still photos, talk about your busy beaver of a photographer. So yeah you can't expect every shot to be a winner as they clearly do no filter the photos they put online which is great because there's some great moments in time caught in these photos that you just don't notice on video. With this many pictures per set it's definately a perk that a .zip file download option is available in case you want to expand your collection, but let's face you're probably going for the vids ;).

This is the best deal for big tit/hardcore lovers available on the internet. The price is low, the updates are regular on almost all sites (12) and the content is already massive. This is a very rare situation where I would like to recommend that you think about signing up for longer than one month at a time, as you can spend almost all your time here without ever running out of big tit content. Highly recommend.


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