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Review of Pretty Lil Panties:

I've always liked panties. I mean, they are the ultimate barrier between what we want in a woman. Just a thin piece of cloth can be such a turnon though. There are even different types of panties. I know some girls like their panties more than their male counterparts, as well. I have a friend that, whenever she is depressed, she goes out and buys underwear. So it definitely means a lot to the women as well, even more than they might let on. Yet, the topic is often ignored in porn as a theme- that is why I was pleased to see a site like Pretty Lil Panties pop up.

Pretty Lil Panties is a site focused on teens in their panties. Right as you get into the preview of the page, you will see that they have an image that says no granny panties! These are teens in modern day underwear. The focus of the site is having these cute young teens show off themselves in their panties, and then strip them off for you as well!

When you sign into the site, you get a relatively new site. There is a frame within the page that allows you to scroll through the latest updates. On the left side of the frame is a mission statement of the site. The top of the page has a few links on the topbar, but there isn't really many places to go here. This is all set against a pinkish background. The funny thing about the updates box/frame that they have is that it doesn't even have links to see the updates featured on there. If you want to do that, you have to go to the pictures section and then take the link from there. It's not really a problem, just something you don't see too often on sites.

Moving into the photos page, you get fourteen of the latest updates on the page. Each update has a thumbnail and a description of the girl. The previews here are good in that they manage to show both the girls panties along with her face in the shot. So you can easily see the two things you came here for! The first three thumbnails of the first page are what is upcoming, so you can see what you'll be getting in the future. It wouldn't be a porn site without a fault- and the problem here is that they slap an ad down at the bottom. It's not intrusive, but I just feel that it shouldn't be on a site that you pay for. You don't see ads on HBO, do you?

The pictures are all in the nice, large size of 1467x2200. There are no other options for the pictures. Of course, at this size, the photos look excellent. They are crisp, clear, and nicely posed. They did a great job within the galleries as well, making each picture unique and varied. The photos are shot well, and just done with total professionalism.

I guess the missing link here is the options. I can deal with only having one photo size. I think it would be nice if they also included zip download for the entire gallery for each set. I think the pictures are excellent enough to warrant it, and it is becoming standard practice with sites like this. I also missed any kind of slideshow navigation. These aren't things I can really bitch about, but they are just extras that would be nice. Seeing as this is photos only, I would think they could focus a bit more on garnishing the presentation a bit.

The girls on Pretty Lil Panties are all pretty attractive girls, and they are all younger looking as well. They are all wearing pretty panties as well. I guess they have scored in all aspects of the site, then! The action, while this is a site focused on panties, takes the panties off of the women and also has them bare naked and not afraid to show all of their parts. At the same time, the site never leaves the solo concept, and doesn't feature insertion.

The site has over 100 picture sets online at the time of this review. That is a great amount of content! As far as updates go, they don't give us a timestamp anywhere and they don't mention how often they update on the members page. I think it is updated often from what I see, it doesn't feel like a dead site!


Overall, this is a very good site that is designed to cater to a special need- and it does that very well. If you like teens and have a panty fetish, I would definitely look into the site. I do find it a bit limiting, so you really have to enjoy the theme here and remember, there really are no videos.


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