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Review of Unfair Bitches:

Every once in a while, I stumble across a site whose name makes me scratch my head. That happened with todays site. Todays site isn't one that is named in a foul manner. I think the biggest problem I had with todays site- is the name doesn't make any sense! The site is called Unfair Bitches. That makes no sense. I don't care, I don't get it. Why are they unfair? Obviously, they are girls that are cheating. So they might not be fair to their man- but, ugh, it just doesn't make any sense. I wonder if its something that was lost in translation or if it really just is a dumb name. I also think the word "bitch" is a bit overused. Can't women just be women anymore?

Unfair Bitches is a site that supposedly has the theme of girls cheating on their men. Therefore, being unfair. While they might use that concept in a couple of the descriptions, the site videos and pictures don't really focus on that. It really is kind of a lame concept, especially with such a title as well. I thought it might be cool- but it really just is dumb. I'm not trying to be harsh here, but I am shooting from the hip for a change.

When you sign into Unfair Bitches, you actually get the network site. This is actually one of the few networks I've seen that combines all their content into one site. Going to the top, there is a tab you can click to simply see just the content of Unfair Bitches. When you do that, you get a page with twelve thumbnails. The content is mixed between photos and videos on this page. You can click a link to seperate it or you can just keep going with all of it. The thumbnail is an action thumbnail and its a tossup whether its a good preview or not- in some sets it is, in others it is not.

There are quite a bit more photos on here than there are videos. This was a little surprising to me, becuase it really seemed like a more video oriented site from the looks. But hey, I guess you go where the content is cheaper. The photos section here is pretty standard. Thumbnail gallery, spaced across a few pages. Click the thumbnail for a larger picture. Some negatives- there are no sizing options here, no slideshow, and no full set zip downloads. I guess they had to leave something after spending all their time on a picture rating system. I can understand rating full sets, but each picture? Thats just a little silly to me.

The videos actually do a bit more in the preview department. When you click on a video set, you actually get twelve action thumbnails that are sequential and give you a good taste of where the set goes. You then click a link to download a full MPG file. The videos are pixely at small screen. Bring it up to full screen and its worse! It's not the worst I've ever seen, trust me. But it definitely isn't good. The biggest problem, I think, is they tried to make the screen too big for the size. The videos look like something I would have downloaded five years ago. I was not impressed at all.

I think the biggest problem with Unfair Bitches is that they aren't even trying. That is what is unfair to us! The content is obviously remanufactured. They don't put and spruce or sparkle on the site whatsover. This is the new age of junk sites, if you ask me. They've all matured, and now instead of offering you links to leased content available elsewhere, they just throw on a few crappy, nondescript videos and give it a snazzy title and expect us to bite. Thankfully, you people have a site like Pornliving where we yank that fucking bait right out of the water!

I could go and talk about the girls and the action here. And basically, its not bad. The girls are cute and the action is your typical porn stuff. Exactly, the word I used is typical. That is the sites biggest fault in my eyes. You've seen it all before, maybe not these specific videos, but they do absolutely nothing to try to stand out from the crowd.

To top it all off, the site only has about 38 sets of content, and thats pictures and videos combined with a focus more on the pictures. Not a lot of bang for your buck here. The site actually has the decency to throw on some timestamps, which is nice, but it also shows the site hasn't been touched in nearly two weeks. Of course, they seem to go by updates per network, not site, so I'm sure they keep it somewhat up to date.

Speaking of network, I will name the other sites only so that you get a heads up of other sites NOT to join since they will probably never be reviewed here. They are: Deep Throat Gags, My Kissing Teens, and Lonely But Horny. Again, some catchy names for some weak sites.


Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but this site is very lame in my eyes. If you are going to be unoriginal, at least try to find some sets that tie your ideas in. The content from five years ago needs to go too. It's almost 2008, time to get with the times. Definitely avoid this one at all costs!


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