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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.80/30 days
$79.80/120 days

Review of 18 Close-up:

It is really nice to get up close and personal to our porn actresses. Sometimes, however, closer is not always better in some cases. For example, I once saw an extreme anal closeup. Now, I am not into anal in the first place, but I saw maybe ten stray hairs right in the ole' hole. Nothing says soft peter like ass hair on a beautiful woman. The ween can do 60-0 in one second flat if that is the case. Now that I have that story out of the way, lets take a look at some younger girls close up!

18 Closeup is a site that has a focus on younger women doing extreme closeups. I thought this was a pretty good theme. It takes the solo teen theme a little further by adding one more stipulation to it. I always like that, because it carves out a niche for the site. So that made this a little more interesting to me, that it went beyond a typical teen site. Now, when I think of sites with a focus on closeups- I think of two things- beautiful women and high quality. The site needs to have both to really be successful. We will see how 18 Closeup lands today.

When you sign into 18 Closeup, the first thing you see is content. The page starts right up with the content displayed right away. There really isn't much of an index here, the front page is almost similar to a videos page. You can download the content right from it and you have all the thumbnails right there as well. The site does a great job with previews, one bigger thumbnail and six smaller ones to give you a great idea of the girl and the action. The page is simple, thats about all there is to it. There is a top/bottom bar that has you going to the models page or the updates page, and that is about it. The majority of the site is on a few pages of content, and there are no extras to speak of.

The videos are pretty much taken right from the front page. There is no video page to speak of. There are three qualities of video, HD, HDV, and STD. I don't know about you, but I don't want anything to do with those STD's! Pretty much, despite different codewords, its pretty much high, medium, and low qualities. The HD Videos are 1920x1080, to give you a good idea of what you are getting. I will now get to my biggest problem with the site, and that is that the videos are segmented. I know- usually not a huge deal. The thing is, the segments are each update, and the videos are ongoing. For example, next weeks update might be a part 3 for Olga, then the next a part 1 for Tyra, and then the next a part 4 for Mila. I think that is kind of weak. It really gives you less content than you would expect from a site. Again, this is the biggest issue I have with the site.

Despite all that, the quality is really good. Going with the HDV quality, you get an almost flawless quality. The best part about it is that the screen is really clear and bright. It really is a sleek, nice design. Beyond that, the movies are filmed and run in a very professional, awesome manner. They do a great job on the quality end all the way around. Looking at the previews, you can see that they do everything on here with a focus on high quality, and the videos do not disappoint in the least. It should be also noted that some of the older videos are only one quality.

18 Closeup has a unique pictures section. Instead of having thumbnails, your only option is to download zip files. They are screenshots, as they indicate clearly on the site. There are two qualities of these screenshots, HD and HDV quality videos. The sizes mirror those of the videos. While these are simply screenshots, and the site is video-focused, I would still say it is nice to at least have these available.

So how are the girls on 18 Closeup? I found it to be a range. Some of the girls are pretty beautiful. Others, while not horrible or anything, just didn't do it for me personally. I know this is a subjective matter, but I'm sure some will agree with me. They weren't terrible, just kind of average and homely on a couple of them. The action is pretty much solo hardcore action. They don't do much on the site to deviate from that- it's solid, if not predictable content.

At the time of review, there were a total of 18 models, which gives a new irony to the name of the site. However, the site is obviously updated weekly. There are some nice timestamps on here to give you all the details of the weekly updates. The downfall is, again, not to beat a dead horse, but the segmenting is a joke. It's one thing to have segments- its another to have the segments be the weekly update! With this, I can't see the site picking up much steam content-wise. On top of that, its kind of weird watching movies halfway in.


The quality of 18 Closeup is very nice. Moving through the site is a breeze, and the only real problem is what I spoke of with the updates. Still, if you are into the closeup business, this site has an awesome quality and you will just have to weigh the positives and the negatives to see if its for you.


Reader comments:

Comment by: homer666 Rating: 08-04-18

Good site. HD clips rez is amazing. There is no hardcore but if you like to see teen pussy cumming in close up this site is definetely for you.

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