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Review of Russian Scan:

If you want to make money on porn, there seems to be a rule that you should start out in east-european countries or the likes. Here you can get girls to take off their clothes for very little money and thats how you start out if you are not already loaded. This site oozes of lowbudget and cheap girls from the beginning (not to offend the girls).

Well I have been poking around the site for a while and I have seen some ok photos and some ok videoclips. It's all amateur girls in both hardcore and softcore action. The pictures can appear a bit blurry at times and the .avi video files are just a tad grainy, but definately viewable. The videoes are of small size cut down to 2 min. bits and the clips seem to follow the rule of 1MB = 1 minute film.

They appear to update almost on a daily basis with new clips and pictures, nice activity.
The design is non-existing but it gets the job done although sometimes you have to make some maneuvres to get back to the HOME page.

1 month: $29.95

The girls are russian and that is easy to spot but if you like these girls in general this site gives you it's moneys worth for sure. Also it is named so it's not like they are trying to trick you into thinking otherwise. Good site for it's genre, worth the money. If you are into the whole russian/east european thing I can recommend this site.


Reader comments:

Comment by: falcon573 Rating: 11-09-10

Does anybody know if still exists? If so, where?

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