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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, Other, RM, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Mystique Magazine:

I like girls that have a mystique to them. Girls that are classy, gorgeous, but they just have an air around them. An air that seems very hard to penetrate. You know that you are going to have to penetrate that air to penetrate other things, so you go after it. Sure, it takes some times, but the fruits of your labor are excellent. You must work hard, but you will get some excellent results. The same kind of work is put into the site Mystique Magazine.

Mystique Magazine is a softcore, photo-magazine type site with a lot of neat features. When you jump into the site, you immediately see that design is put to the forefront. The site looks awesome. They have nice pictures throughout the entire site- no, not just the front page. Every model gets a nice big picture to view on her page. The front page has the thumbnails of the latest sets. They use the same type of set up as a lot of sites like this, using the magazine format. However, they don't take it to the silly extremes that other sites do. They put some text in strategic places on the thumbnails, but they don't put a site heading or an issue number or anything like that. That is cool, spend more time with the site- which they obviously did.

Mystique Magazine really has both pictures and videos. Sites like this usually put a bigger focus on the pictures, and MM is no different. I think they are definitely the key here. Going into a picture set, you get that awesome big photo I was talking about. They do it in black and white and it almost blends into the site. Awesome. You get a few select thumbnails, and then the magazine cover again. On this page, you can also change your image size, and ultimately go into the thumbnails page. The thumbnails are done very well, quite small for thumbnails, but they get the job done regardless. One issue I had is that they had a "buy as print" link attached to every photo and pretty much all over the place. I may very well wish to buy some prints, but I don't know if it needs to be a link everywhere. It seems a little cumbersome, and even worse, it seems like they are more focused on selling prints than bringing quality content. That is far from the truth, but the site doesn't show that.

So how do these pictures look? I have one word for you- stunning. Absolutely and utterly stunning. They do an awesome job with the pictures here. I know it is commonplace for a softcore site to offer great pictures. But here, it's like they get everything right. From the site design to the girls to the actual pictures, I guess the word I should use is near perfection. I can't find much bad to say about them. The fact that they are offered in four different sizes is also very awesome. You have your guys who don't care about size and just want to see the photo- you also have those who want to zoom in on every bead of sweat. This site caters to both of those, and in between as well!

Softcore sites often make videos commonplace, but not a huge focus on them. Mystique takes a slightly different route. Looking at all of the latest updates, only one does not have a video attached. The videos are available, again in many different formats- Real, Ipod, WMV, Flash, Quicktime, Divx- jeez! I went for the WMV and when I downloaded it I got a zip file- so I guess they are all zipped. Add an extra step, but its still definitely worth the hassle. For the WMVs, the file wasn't even compressed that much- not sure if it was even necessary here.

The videos are absolutely awesome. You get a great quality here! Absolutely beautiful, clear videos. They are done in the widescreen format with bars on the top and the bottom of the screen. That might be a downfall for some people, but I didn't mind it so much because they looked so good. I am of course talking about the WMVs, which I think the majority of us will go after. The videos are not too long- expect a couple minute clips and thats about it. Similar to comparable sites in that fashion, but not much else. Overall, they did an awesome job here with everything relating to the videos.

I already touched on the girls a bit- one word again- stunning. Notice a common theme here? Maybe they should have called it stunning magazine instead! They do a great job of having absolutely beautiful looking women on the site. The action here is pretty softcore, but it's not "boobs only" softcore as the flaps are on display, but I didn't see any spreading or whatnot. The photos have a nice artistic look to them, but they also look great for porn consumption. Just excellent work all the way around here.

At the time of review, they have a ton of sets available. They work on some kind of weird credit system, I can't say I understand it, but I think you still get a lot with the plain jane membership here. I think a collection includes a lot of stuff, which costs credits. Well, I don't get it, but there is kind of a catch to all this awesome content. I knew there had to be one! There are also some cool extras, such as girls introducting themselves in soundfiles and some nice, well thought out descriptions of sets as well as models. Again, they really just excel in everything. Include in some twice-weekly updates, and you add on to an already awesome formula!


Mystique Magazine definitely hits the money. An absolutely awesome site with very few flaws. The only way I could not recommend this is if you only really look for super hardcore stuff; all others- this is a top site with a lot of class and it executes in every single area!


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