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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $19.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95)
$89.50/365 days

Review of Pornstars Analyzed:

I’m sorry but I have either become extremely dumb or I am just reviewing waaay too many cookie cutter porn sites lately. Because I swear, it took me 20 minutes before “getting” the name of this site. At first I was all mad because I didn’t see any documentation about these pornstars. I mean, what’s the point of analyzing if you are not going to document your observations about the girl? OK so there is not a guy in a white suit with a pen and a notepad going over every inner and outer detail about the female pornstar. Come on, I mean how much dumber can I get? Just in case your stupidity matches mine, this of course is an anal site… pornstarsanalyzed. Very creative huh?... Or not, you be the judge and in the mean time I’ll have a look at this latest anal site addition to the pornstars network of sites.

The pornstar network, which is a huge array of various porn sites, has been adding sites to it’s roster frequently over the years. Some of the sites have been very original in content when it came to a particular pornstars’ sites like Peter North, Lex Steele and who can forget the lovely Christine Young. With those types of sites this network really shines. Then there are the more cookie-cutter filler type of sites where they match un-original content up to fit a certain niche. These sites will, in the words of Chris Rock, shut you you and that’s it. This one is more of the latter actually without the content feeling jaded so it kind of grows on you. Especially if you are into straight anal fuck scenes chances are you’ll ending liking this new site addition a great deal

Besides a rather refreshing top banner throughout the site this site offers nothing new in design or layout. Throughout the entire network of sites here the same template is used. There are pros and cons for this system, a pro would be that you can easily navigate all sites once you have become familiar with one. A con would be that it makes each site look generic after a while, even if it might not be, because it will resemble one of the more ordinary sites too. I like sites to have their own “personality” and this way of building sites offers little to no room for providing that.

As I slowly got over the whole cookie-cutter concept when launching a new site like this my downloads had completed and I was ready to get down to the real nitty gritty which is of course the porn itself, in this case hardcore anal.

This is where I get more positive people and if I get carried away with one particular scene, I’m sorry it just rocked!

So the first scene/movie I played was a scene featuring Dark Angel… mmkay, stage name aside this girl is smoking hot with the body, the ass and the tits to make any man bed on his knees for a peak. In this case of course we are treated to all aspect of her beautiful body. First she pleases herself with a glass butt plug after having stripped down of course. After that she is fucked only in the ass by a guy who enters. The action is damn hot and Angel finishes the guy off by taking it over the face while have a naughty look in her eyes. Great great porn scene which redeems most of the flaws of this site almost by itself ;). The other movie I downloaded was with this blonde bombshell getting DP’ed, and trust me, this girl looked like she straight out of Baywatch.

With all the movies I saw there was no messing around in the pussy area, all the focus was on the nice clean asses getting fucked or licked and for anal lovers this site turns out to be more of a treat that you might have thought initially.

The quality of the videos was a notch above what I have been seeing lately. They haven’t jumped on the HD bandwagon but they provide full scene DVD quality download. And because this quality looks better than many other sites claiming “DVD quality” I was pleasantly surprised and have no desire to knock the quality of the videos. Low bandwidth users will be happy to know that the selection of quality levels goes from DVD quality to 56 kbps. There are also MPG files available for download, but only as 5 min. segments. For 1 complete download you have to choose DVD quality.

Still photos are great for anal sites as they can capture some truly remarkable moments in time when a woman gets fucked in the ass. Unfortunately not all scenes offer still photos. They all offer screen captures, but less than 25% of the scenes have a still photo session available. I was lucky enough that Dark Angel had one, woohoo, but I was disappointed in how sporadic this was.

The network that belongs is updated every day, but there is no similar guarantee for this site alone. As with many other sites added to a network the updates here are not time stamped in any way and there is no promise of weekly updates or anything of the sorts.

At the time of review Pornstars Analyzed boasts 52 movies and 12 highres still photo sets. A very nice amount of content for a relatively new site, of course it still worries me that I cannot give you guys any promises in regards to the update frequency.

The bottom line
A solid hardcore anal site with great variety in the movies and some truly classic scenes here and there. The network easily makes this worth the money, but with 52 movies on it’s own, this site can also justify the monthly membership fee. If you dig anal hardcore you will probably be intrigued by this site, if you are into all sorts of porn then the original bonus content sites will make this a great purchase for you.


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