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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $39.95)
Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $39.95

Review of Real Orgasms:

I've been having kind of an off-porn period lately. I don't know what it is but I just haven't gotten really excited about porn for a while. The new sites that pop-up all seem too generic to me by now and even though a lot of sites are going more and more hardcore in every possible way, I now found my way back to porn was starting softer. Real Orgasms caught my eye today. On a day where I wasn't really planning on signing up to any new porn sites I found myself in the mood for watching some girls get off, by themselves. Real Orgasms or not? We shall see!

The reason I came upon this site was because of some fragments of free movie galleries. One blog site had been so sneaky as to post this movie with ”Santas little helper”. I'm sorry, but there's just nothing that sparks the holiday spirit in me like a girl in a santa outfit so I was sold.

As you probably figured out by now, I signed up and went straight for the movie of this x-mas chick. The signup process was fast and simple and before I knew it I was logged in and sucking the whole Santa movie with my download accelarator at 2mb/s *phew*. The size of this particular movie was 250mb so I was watching it after like 2 minutes, I have to admit that I love it when my accelerators are supported and I get full speed.

Anyways, Santas little helper who's perfoming name is Marlee succeeded three-fold. She got herself to cum, she got me to cum and she made sure to get picture right in the middle of this review (happy holidays, by the way, this works best if you are reading this close to December).

Santas Little Helper... Indeed

While we are on the movie let's go over some technical details about the clips in general.

Your options to watch a movie here are:
1. Watch the movie streaming in your browser. This is done with stream WMV at a bitrate of 540 kbps with a resolution of 480 x 360.

2. Download the movie to your computer with quality specs listed in (1).

3. Download a higher quality video with 1600 kbps bitrate and 720x480 resolution, also wmv.

4. Dowload 1 minute clips in mpeg format.

I watched the streaming video for like 2 minutes and 2 minutes of it downloaded, it was just too choppy for a bandwidth guy like me but definately watchable for lower bandwidth users. The higher quality was definately decent but it was the high quality I had hoped for when watching absolute beauties like these. The videos were fluid in the high quality format but big pixelations (is that a word?) become obvious when the image moves too much.

Each movie comes packed with both movie screen capture picture and actual still photos. The screen capture feature is rather outdated by now as it doesn't serve any real purpose when still photos are provided. The still photos hower serve as nice snack with your movie meal but that's it. They have the chance with these beautiful models to go all out and really invest some time in making sharp delicious pictures. However I just think they gave the nearest guy a camera and told him to keep shooting. There are some really nice pictures in the bunch and overall the quality is definately watchable (check samples) I just think with a site like this you should focus more on quality than quantity. The pictures can all be downloaded as one big .zip file (always appreciated).

OK let's get to it already, something is worrying me here.

This site is made available with a bunch of bonus sites know better as the Reality Kings network. That's cool, I love original bonus sites and more bang for your buck, but in this case something is amiss. The site is tagged with the reality kings network logo, however if you log into this site is not listed as an available site. Futhermore the site's design is the old design that all the sites were using before getting the recent facelift. Finally, as opposed to all other reality kings network sites, the updates here are not time stamped and there is no information available on how often this site is updated or even when the next update will hit. It's possible the site is still updated weekly and it's just not fitted into the design, but I can't be sure so I'll assume the updates are sporadic for now.

The site boasts 35 complete and original sets when I visited (check review date) and they all featured really great looking women all around. It really is true that the prettiest ones don't do hardcore I guess.

Signing up to this gave gave me access to all the sites in the reality kings network which is my favorite network anyways so that worked out well. Check out all the original bonus sites in the listing to the right (below the rating). The $25 here are really well spent as the network features like 3 new updates every day, that's just crazy.

The bottom line
This intimate orgasms site delivers but does grab the oppotunity to stun us with beautiful girls in really high quality and that's a shame. The site gets a careful recommendation to fans of the masturbating genre and of course the network itself is crazy great value for all-round porn loving folks.


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