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Review of Naughty Art:

Sometimes something looks so good, there is no way it can be real. The perfect cheeseburger, served to you just how you like it, cooked exactly to order, and plump and juicy for you to eat. I know, it takes a fat guy to make an analogy like that. But hey, it is what it is. I love food and I love women. I can't use my porno example because therein lies the whole thought of this site! Today we look at a site that has all the elements of the perfect picture- but guess what- it isn't real!

Naughty Art is a site that focuses on artistic pornographic shots of ladies. Instead of being shot with a camera, these are images that are painted. Remember the old art school jokes where there are naked models? Well, this is the same thing. Models pose for the picture, and it is put into artistic form. I've talked about artsy porn sites before, but this takes it to a new level!

Moving into the site, the front page is a nice page which has a lot of stuff, indexed in an intelligent manner and seperated nicely. There are two sidebars, one on each side, that links to all different kinds of pages. This is mostly little stuff, but pretty cool nonetheless. I will say that I hoped they could have indexed the content a bit better. It'd be nice to have a seperation between the digital photos and the actual paintings. You can seperate by model and by set but it is hard to kind of navigate around the pictures here. The page looked very professional and very busy, but it was a little hard to get a true feel for everything going on here.

There are some digital pictures, and there are some paintings here. You can sort the pictures by model or by set, but not by the type that they are. Some of the paintings are so good here you can't tell that they are real. When you go for a big picture, you get a new window with the picture. If you maximize that window, they will tell you if its a photo, painting, and what kind of painting it is. That is pretty cool that they tell you. It is really hard to talk quality here. I mean, the pictures look good. Some of the artistic prints are just that, artistic prints. Art can mean a lot of different things to different people. I don't particularly think any of it is erotic, but more like a cool sideshow, but I know some people are into it, so I will leave it at that.

Naughty Art also has a videos section. The videos are more traditional in style, girls posing and playing with each other and stuff. At the end, they showcase a print or two of art taken from the action. I thought this was pretty cool. The artist, Irvin Bomb, is really talented. I imagine he is commissioned by a lot of rock bands and whatnot for covers for their albums, but who knows. If he is not, he should be! Anyway, back to the videos, they are more traditional in style. The quality is decent, but not great. You can bring the videos up to full screen and get a little bit of pixelation and whatnot. The videos are segmented into a few segments each, depending on size. Overall, the videos are a nice area of the site.

The site has a lot of extras as I touched upon earlier. There are e-cards, theres a models page, and there are extra paintings. There is a nice little tutorial on Mr. Bomb's technique, which is an interesting read. You can buy posters and prints and stuff as well. There are some extra, non porn paintings that are just as good and inspiring as the porn stuff!

The stuff on the site is pretty softcore for the most part. Naked girls, light lesbianism, etc. If you are coming here to see stuff painted that you wouldn't want to see done for real, this isn't what it is. It is a nice, softer interpretation of beautiful girls. The girls on here are very attractive through and through. A few of them are recognizable names in the industry, others are just nice looking models I'm not familiar with.

The amount of content and the updates are a little hard to gauge. They really don't use timestamps, and going through the site, it jumps around a bit so its hard to tell how much stuff there is. I'd say theres probably around 20 total video sets, if you take the segments and put them together. For the pictures, maybe 30 galleries? The way the site is set up, its really hard to tell. Although they don't give any specific updates, this site doesn't have staleness or deadness feeling to it at all. They seem to throw stuff up quite a bit, but who really knows these days when you aren't documenting it?


Naughty Art is a nice site, for a couple of reasons. One is that it is a little different than what we normally at. The second is the artist, Irvin Bomb, is extremely talented and has great taste. But looking past that, you really are just getting a softcore site with a cool theme. It's a nice sideshow attraction, for sure, but I'm not sure if there is a lot of teeth to it in the long run.


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