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Prices: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$27.95/30 days
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Review of Afri Hoes:

I've always had an on/off fetish for black women. I always thought some were hot, and some were gross. I guess you can really say that for any type of women, which is why we need to put the word "sexy" in front of all of our fetishes. I can say that I like their attitudes, I love their looks, and I wouldn't really mind scoring one. Well, I already have, but I'd like a bit of an upgrade! No offense, Rose, if you are reading this!

Afrihoes is a video site with a focus on black ladies. There are plenty of interracial sites out there, but I feel that black women get the shaft sometimes. I mean, theres a ton of sites dedicated to black men in one way or another. The ladies don't really get as much attention. I would say it is slightly less taboo, but it's not totally acceptable in some circles. We've all seen A Bronx Tale, right? This site isn't solely focused on interracial either- it's black ladies in all kinds of situations.

When you first sign into Afrihoes, you are given a rather blah front page. The background is a simple gray background with the site logo repeated. The page shows the latest three sets, and the five top rated sets. Unfortunately, it doesn't show them very well. The preview thumbnails are limited to one tiny one, which doesn't show much. There is a little description for the latest videos but it is also limited. This is about it for the frontpage, save for links to the videos and the pictures pages. I'm all for simplicity, but not at the sacrifice of the site.

The videos page doesn't add a whole lot to the design issues. You get the same thumbnails as are on the front page, except slighly bigger. There is still one per set. You download right here from the videos page. I forgot to mention that you can download the other videos right from the front page as well. Anyways, theres three qualities here- Best Quality, Good Quality, and Fast Download. No matter which you pick, they are all full videos and they are all WMVs. There is also a small description for each of the scenes, but it doesn't make up for the lack of previews. With some of these sets, you truly do not get a good look at the girls at all.

The quality of the videos is actually pretty good. If you go for the best quality, the picture looks pretty darn good. Nice qualities all around. The file sizes do tend to be a little bit larger, so I actually went for the middle quality. It's pretty good all the same. The size doesn't affect the downloads a whole lot really, it still goes really quick. The videos also look very professional, which gets me to my next point.

The content on Afrihoes is not exclusive to this site. Its not quite the material you see out everywhere, but it is taken from DVDs that were previously available. I usually am not into that if they are trying to pass it off as original. Here, they don't really say either way, but they drop enough clues to make you realize whats going on.

Theres only a few pictures on Afrihoes. They are pretty good, and wherever they got them from, the women are beautiful on there. Theres about five sets, but each only has a handful of pictures. They are still very good nonetheless- not very fleshed out, but nice and to the point. I think they could have had a few more though!

The girls on Afrihoes are very attractive black ladies. Not model gorgeous, but girls you wouldn't kick out of bed. All are skinny and younger, so that is a plus for many people. They look really good, I'm not sure what else to say. I'd bag each and every one of them! The action here is cool because they give you lots of different snapshots of black action. Theres some sets with white guys, some sets with other black girls, some sets with white guys AND other black girls! It's a nice little mixture, and they get a lot done in a smaller amount of sets.

At the time of review there were a total of 19 sets of content. There were additionally five sets of pictures. This is not a lot of content, nor is it a little. I think the most disheartening thing is that the site is not consistently updated. It last saw an update about a month ago and there doesn't seem to be any hurry in bringing on another one!

The network involved here is The Hardcore Network. Sites include are- Afrihoes, Ass Smoothie, Attack My Ass, Chicks Fucking Chicks, Chopstick Sluts, Cum Is Good, Fuck My Flab, Golden Hardcore, Her Last Fuck, I Love You Celeste, I Love You Madison, I Love You Melanie, I Love You Mya, Nasty Raw Sex, Only The Biggest, Please Be Gentle, Pornstar Solos, and Stop The Cameras. As you can probably tell, there is a nice mix of sites here, single model, targeted genre, and some cool unique stuff as well. Good mixture of sites here.


This site teeters a bit- it doesn't have a lot of content, but it is pretty good at showing off its specialized niche. The site is also not exclusive, which drags it down a bit. However, the quality is good, and the network is a teeter too. Take the evidence and make your own decision!


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