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Review of Chicks Fucking Chicks:

Sometimes we like to see girls kissing other girls. Caressing them slowly, licking their bodies all over. Yes, those are all signs of great porno. You can sign me up already. But there can be another aspect of lesbian porn as well. That is when they strap it on and screw the hell out of their partner. This can be interesting as well, as long as they keep it realistic. I don't need to see someone giving head toa strap on for ten minutes! With this in mind, I'm ready to check out some Chicks Fucking Chicks!

Chicks Fucking Chicks is a video site with a focus on lesbian antics. Although the name might seem to evoke thoughts of heavy strapon love, this is basically your normal lesbian site with some fucking of course, but it doesn't take a front stage like you might think. This is more a video site than a reality site, and the focus is on different kinds of women getting it on with each other!

When you first start to work your way into the fucking, you are given a very simplistic members page. On the side, you get the five highest rated videos. In the middle of the page you get the three latest videos. Then there is a link to the videos page. There is a coming soon link to the pictures page. This is all on a simple wallpaper background of the sites name. The thumbnails are very tiny on this page and you can hardly see what the girls look like, if at all. This is a very simple front page, not really in a good way.

Moving into the videos, you will get slightly bigger thumbnails of the same pictures on the front page. There are nine sets per page, for a total of six pages of content. You get a small description of the action, the actresses names, and also categories the set can be classified under. For example, for the set I'm looking at right now, it is shaved pussy, toys, and lesbian. Hey, works for me! You can download WMVs in three qualities- Best Quality, Good Quality, and Fast Download. All of these are full video downloads.

The movie quality is actually quite good. Some of these files are quite large due to this. The best quality looks really good. So good, and the files were so big, that I actually opted to go for the Good Quality. This still looks really good, but it is a little easier of a download. I can't complain about the speed of download though- even for the best quality, the files downloaded pretty fast.

I think my biggest issue with everything here would be the originality. The girls here are all video porn stars. On top of that, the videos play out like professional porn. To me, that is a dead giveaway that this is not original material. On top of that, the fact that they didn't produce any pictures of the content- another giveaway. I really like the site otherwise- I guess the biggest problem is that the content is easily stumbled upon elsewhere.

The girls on Chicks Fucking Chicks are babes of the highest kind. They look great; after all, they are porn stars! They are very pretty, and many of them are the lesbian only kind of stars that don't look as worn out as their counterparts. The action was nice with a different mixture of lesbian content that stayed fresh throughout the site.

At the time of review, there were 54 sets of Chicks Fucking Chicks on here. So while the content might not be original, at least there is a good amount of it! Unfortunately, the network seems to have left behind this site for updating its exclusive material first and foremost. This site hasn't been updated in over a month. There is already a lot of content, however, so that keeps a good face on it.

The network involved here is The Hardcore Network. Sites include are- Afrihoes, Ass Smoothie, Attack My Ass, Chicks Fucking Chicks, Chopstick Sluts, Cum Is Good, Fuck My Flab, Golden Hardcore, Her Last Fuck, I Love You Celeste, I Love You Madison, I Love You Melanie, I Love You Mya, Nasty Raw Sex, Only The Biggest, Please Be Gentle, Pornstar Solos, and Stop The Cameras. As you can probably tell, there is a nice mix of sites here, single model, targeted genre, and some cool unique stuff as well. Good mixture of sites here.


Good amount of content, great quality, and all with a decent network behind it. The biggest pitfall is that the setup is a little weak with the previews, and the content is not original. But this is still a good site to stroll through regardless. I look at this a mainly a bonus content site they made to beef up their network.


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