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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$27.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Her Last Fuck:

One thing I've been curious about old people is- when exactly do they stop having sex? Or do they really stop? Do they know its their last time? I mean, how is that determined? Arthritis finally gets to be too much? Or do they just keep going and going and going (eww!) I really don't know- and I hope I never really find out. Well, maybe when I am older myself I can stand to know. But it has always been a point of curiosity as to when the last fuck takes place.

Her Last Fuck is a site with a focus on women who's last fuck may very well be on camera. That is because these are older, mature women who probably don't have a whole lot of fucks left in them. Everyone who knows me knows I like them older. I wear it on my sleeve. I don't care- it's my thing. I wouldn't want to be a woman's last fuck though. I wouldn't want her to have to take that to the grave. Your first one is supposed to be the big horror, not the last one!

When you sign into Her Last Fuck, you get a pretty simplistic members site. There are three smaller thumbnails representing the latest three updates. On the side there are more of the same size thumbnails to showcase the highest rated sets. Which aren't rated too highly, ironically. There is a link to the pictures and the videos page, and thats about it. They make it very simple, very plain, and really nothing to write home about. Sometimes sites are simple and effective- this one is simple and the effective part doesn't really come into play. The small thumbnails do nothing for preview purpose, and the site just excretes a scent of weakness from it.

Moving into the videos page, you get slightly bigger versions of the thumbnails you saw on the front page. This still doesn't give you a very good preview. Sure, you can see the woman, although in some videos even that is a little weak. You can download the movie in three qualities- Best Quality, Good Quality, and Fast Download. These are some pretty big file sizes, at least for the first two qualities. So you can expect bigger files, but the downloads are actually still pretty quick. Overall, the entire video setup here is a little weak, with the lackluster previews and slinky design.

They do make up for that with video quality here. If you are going for the best quality, these videos are quite good. They look fantastic and can be full screened with no problems. The videos run smoothly and the only real issue I came across is some of them tended to be on the bigger side. They also do a good job at having professional camerawork that does not disappoint. It plays really well throughout the entire process. I just wished they had their site setup as well and as professionally as they have their videos looking! In fact, maybe it is a bit too professional- with the cheesy music and the way they look- I suspect these might be older videos recycled, although I have no evidence.

There are also photos on Her Last Fuck, not too many however. There are two sets, and they are different from the actual site content. It does seem to be more public domain type stuff as well, kind of disappointing. I think that might sum up this site pretty well- good potential, ultimately disappointing.

The women on Her Last Fuck are OLD- really old. This is the mature theme kicked up a notch. You have to really like them older to be into the content here. Those of you looking for a thirty year old horny mom, this is not the place! The action is regular sex type action with some anal thrown in as well here and there. Overall, a nice showing if you like your cheese aged- really, really aged!

The biggest disappointment here was the lack of content and updates. There were only seven video sets at the time of review, and two picture sets. That was the biggest issue here. Throw in the fact that the site is not updated- it hasn't been since rollout time in September, 2007. You get a bit of a disappointment off of a network which had been performing well to this point.

The network involved here is The Hardcore Network. Sites include are- Afrihoes, Ass Smoothie, Attack My Ass, Chicks Fucking Chicks, Chopstick Sluts, Cum Is Good, Fuck My Flab, Golden Hardcore, Her Last Fuck, I Love You Celeste, I Love You Madison, I Love You Melanie, I Love You Mya, Nasty Raw Sex, Only The Biggest, Please Be Gentle, Pornstar Solos, and Stop The Cameras. As you can probably tell, there is a nice mix of sites here, single model, targeted genre, and some cool unique stuff as well. Good mixture of sites here.


This site is a bit of a disappointment after seeing some stronger network sites. Its almost like an unupdated afterthought. I feel hurt as a mature women fan, but I'm sure I'll get over it as I stroll through some more sites on here. If you come to the network strictly for the mature site; don't. Low content and no updates combined with questionable originality really kill this one.


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