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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
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Prices: $29.00/30 days

Review of My Precious Virgins:

There is a big market for virginal women in the world. Personally, I don't really understand the whole big deal about it. Sure, the hole is a bit tighter. I can give that up for an experienced woman that knows what she is doing. But there is a huge audience for women who are inexperienced. I don't mind. It gives me more of a shot at the loose-flapped, beautiful older women of the world. So to those virgin lovers, I say- keep going for the prize! Leave your nagging wives for me to satisfy!

My Precious Virgins is a collection of women, who I highly doubt are virgins. However, they are very precious and I wish they were all mine. I know, I just gave them up for the experienced women- but at least let me have Venus, please? The site focuses on these women very heavily. It is a photo heavy site with a focus on the women. While the girl is photographed in many different shots, it is all very solo material. Sound up your alley? Well, if thats the case, Precious Virgins should be for you!

When you sign into Precious Virgins, the first thing you'll notice is a rolling odometer type ticker at the top that shows how many women, pictures, and movies there are on the site. What is kind of funny is that the first and last tickers will get your heart pumping, as it will go through and hit the thousands for the number of girls- and then land around 300. Still, that is an awesome number, but when you see the numbers roll by, you tend to get a little hopeful. The front page is designed in a very sleek manner. There are nice thumbnails of all of the latest girls. It shows them in nice poses and you can see their faces clearly. There are a lot of girls listed on the front page- I think it might be all of them! That makes the front page the home of all of the content.

When you click onto a girl, you are given a page which gives some basic information like age, height, cup size, and country. There is also a little blurb about that girl. This is all beside a nice portrait of the girl. Underneath all of that is a thumbnail for each set. You can click the thumbnail to get into the set, or you have the option to download a zip file of the pictures.

When you get into a set, you get all of the thumbnails listed on one page. The thumbnailling is pretty good, click on one and you get a new window with the picture. The pictures are pretty darned good. They are around 1300x2000 and they look good. They are clear and crisp and good photos. They don't get artsy with them at all, which is a plus for me. Another plus is that the pictures are laid out well. There isn't a lot of repetition of poses and everything flows really well in my eyes. I liked it a lot!

There are no videos on site at the time of review. It seems that they might be in the upcoming plans, as one of the tickers on the top shows how many MBs of videos. Of course, right now it shows 00,000. That might be a smarty-pants statement to show they don't care about videos, or they might really be planning videos in the future. Either way, we can revisit that if it ever happens.

The girls on Precious Virgins are awesome. They are very sexy girls, and they run the gamut between girl-next-door and beautiful models. You can get a lot of both on this site! I think the only real negative about the site is that it is primarily white, Euro girls on the site. You don't get a lot of variety outside of that mold. The action is mainly the girls posing- there is nothing too hardcore about the sets, they show the girls fully, but there really isn't any penetration on the site.

At the time of review, there were a total of 330 girls on the site. This is huge, because many of the girls have several photo sets. I would say that they average around five each. The site is updated every day and they add 3 girls every week. You can see why their content level is so high! They also advertise super fast servers and no bandwith limits, which I have no evidence to make a case against!


My Precious Virgins is a very good site in the picture posey category. I am a very big fan of this site, and I normally don't like this kind of site. I always say, a good site appeases fans of a certain genre, a great site appeases people who aren't fans of a certain type of porn. I would consider My Precious Virgins a great site.


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