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Review of Beauty and the Senior:

The ultimate fantasy of any older man is having a younger girlfriend. I'm getting up there in years, and I can already taste it. Now, I haven't hit my thirties yet- so imagine how much I'll be yearning for younger women when I am sixty! Well, some old fogies are lucky enough to hit some younger women. Today we look at the unlikely, yet, jealousy-inducing idea of the beauty and the senior.

Beauty and the Senior is a site which focuses on sex between older men and younger women. This is a pretty fresh idea in my eyes. I know, it has been done before, but never really on too grand of a scale. Sure, there are teen sites out there with older men, but not quite seniors. So for me, the idea was pretty cool. Almost an opposite of the MILF scene. I'm sure the site will appeal to older men, as well as younger men who are just jealous of the old-timers banging these beautiful women. Overall, I thought it was a nice idea for a site.

Jumping into the site, the front page simply shows the latest eight video updates, followed but the latest ten picture updates. The sets are represented by smaller thumbnails that don't show you that much. For example, one thumbnail is just of a guy dressed like a lumberjack- what does that tell me about a set? The options are pretty simple here- either go to the pictures area or go to the videos section. Pretty simple, and easy to navigate. Despite being relatively simple, the members area is accentuated by a very cool looking banner, which makes the site look much more professional and better than it would otherwise. Anyways, click into the videos section to get this started!

The videos page has 24 thumbnails per page of the same kind of thumbnails you'd see on the front page. Again, not the best preview, so you will have to move further into the site. When you select a set, you really only get two thumbnails, and one is the one you already saw. Therefore, the previewing of the site is kind of weak. The two thumbnails represent each segment of video. You can download the video in low, high, and full. These are all WMV qualities. There is a little blurb about the video on the top of the page as well. This is about it for the page, again it is pretty simplistic.

I went for the full quality videos, naturally. They looked pretty good all the way around. You get a pretty clear, good quality video. It is not perfect but the videos do look pretty good. The fact that there are two segments do not really hinder the videos too much. I will say that there is a bit too much "setup" time for my liking on some of the sets. Others get right to the point, so I'm not sure why its mixed up like that. I will say there were a few things I didn't care for- one is the shitty music they played during the scene. I hate music during porn- and this wasn't that good! The dialogue is also not in English in the videos where I paid attention, and that just didn't do much for me either.

The pictures on Beauty and the Senior are actually fucking great! These pictures were crystal clear and very well thumbnailled. It is rare to find a site with such vivid pictures in addition to great videos. Usually one is way better than the other. Here, I would take it a level further, because the pictures are awesome that they almost eclipse the videos. The only thing that prevents this is the fact that the videos are given a higher priority it seems, with the pictures taking a secondary role. Still, these are some great looking pictures! The complaint I would have is that they weren't quite as varied as I like in my pictures. But still the quality is gorgeous! A zip download of these excellent photos would have been nice as well!

The women were beauties, and the men were seniors! The title is well honored here. Any self respecting older gentlemen would love to plow some of these women. They definitely fit into the category of young, but not too young. They helped the theme quite a bit. Some of the guys were hilariously old- but for the most part they could still get the job done! In some cases, it got a little creepy, but that was definitely not the norm. Overall, the theme subject matter was very well served here.

At the time of review, there were a total of 50 sets of content! That is a pretty nice number obviously. The funny thing is, this is a relatively new site. What they did is put a shitload of videos up at the launch time, so that the content level was high right off the bat! Add in weekly updates, and you will have a continually growing, awesome website! There aren't any bonuses, but the content on here sustains the price of admission for sure!


Beauty and the Senior is an extremely well done site. The only complaint I could come up with is that the previews aren't very good, leading you to "download blind" as I like to say. But I would rather download blind and come up with these gems than go to a weaker site with better previews any day! Highly recommended all around!


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