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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Prices: $29.95/30 days
$54.95/90 days
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Review of Peter Girls:

I wish I had my own girls. The funny thing is, if I ever collected a group of women I liked and put them on a website, chances are I would have no subscribers. My tastes are so wide and so different that I'm sure there wouldn't be too many people plopping down money to see my twisted view on women. Luckily, people like Peter Romero have sites, and not me, and instead of a collection of freaks, you get some nice, beautiful women on sites like this.

When you jump into Peter Girls, you get a webpage that is quite organized more like a mainstream site than a porn site. There are links on the left side, links on the right side, and the most recent girls added in the middle frame. Along these same lines, some of the links are to area of the site like "What is a peter girl?" and "Who is Peter Romero?" This gives the site a fullness, again the best example I can provide is like a mainstream website. Along the left hand side you get different options to see the content on hand at the site, with some specialities branched off, like Peter Girls Hardcore and Peter Girls Interviews.

The pictures are probably the bigger focus on Peter Girls, and I say that because most of the new girls start out with picture sets and then move on to videos. My biggest problem with the pictures is that I couldn't see them! What the fuck? Every time I tried to get a photo set, it would take me to a dead link for a join page. This is after signing in and going through the members page. What a crock of shit! Needless to say I was not a big fan of the pictures at all. What a crap design, and the shitty thing is, the rest of the site actually looks good!

Luckily, I could download the videos to keep my blood pressure down. Well, that was a bit of an experience too. It was a little confusing at first, but it worked itself out. When I would go into a video page, I would get like ten million of the same link. I'm not sure what it was but it was a pain in the ass. Fundamentally, there are three qualities for each video: Dialup, DSL, and Fuckin Huge. Thats their terminology, not mine. You can definitely see a split between the older videos and the newer ones. The older ones seem to have a purple stripe across the thumbnail saying Now Live or Coming soon. I might be wrong, but these also have a ton more links in some cases, and have file names that look like IP addresses more than file names. They also seem to be smaller and don't look as good as the top videos.

I will say that the video quality was pretty good here. I was definitely impressed with what I got. They looked pretty good at full screen, and while I don't think the "fuckin' huge" quality is quite worth swearing over, all in all they were pretty good. Another good thing about them is that I could actually see them, unlike the photos which I still can't get to see! This is a big problem!

Ok, I actually found the fucking link to see the photos. Needless to say, it was a needle in a haystack! There are ten different links, and only one works? Well, the photos are pretty decent regardless of the crappy setup. I cannot even describe the abortion on my screen that is posing as a thumbnail page. Theres like five or so crappy thumbs per page, and some are kind of tiny. With these, you actually get a tiny regular picture as well! I still can't get the zip file feature to work. The pictures were kind of painful when I did find them!

What is the action on Peter Girls like? Well, I would say its a lot of masturbating. I actually got a little bored with it, because set after set was just solo masturbation. Sure, I'm not someone who hates women fileting the fish, but sometimes you want to see something a little different. It was like, here is a new beautiful woman- and here is her fingering herself! I would like to mention that there is a hardcore and a peeing section on here, but neither are very big compared to the actual video archive. There are some audition videos and some non-sexual videos as well. Basically its a mixture of nonporn and solo masturbation! ass on Peter Girls. I have no doubt that Peter is good at finding girls. Howev

Peter Girls claims 56 models, 121 photo sets, and 133 video sets. Looking at the site, that is probably about right. The video set number might be a bit inflated because there are some non-sexual videos. As much as someone might want to see where a given girl shops and how she wipes her ass, I wouldn't count such a video towards a content count. But still, the site does have a decent amount of stuff. There are four bonus sites from Peter, Beach House XXX, Lap Dance Gone Bad, POV Porn, and Sex on The Beach XXX. Sounds kind of lame, usually when a site has to throw "XXX" in the title, it is not a good site. And how exactly does a lap dance go bad? Does the girl fart on you or something?


I would take a per, he needs to place those talents into finding better webmasters. The site is not without its good qualities, the videos look pretty decent, and the girls themselves are definitely a nice treat. But with all the negatives, I'd just go somewhere else until they get their shit together better.

* Just a note from the guy who's in charge of putting up sample pictures on this one: Everything is fucked up. The zip downloads don't work and I can't see the pictures, getting error messages all around, fucked up site.


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