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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $21.95/30 days, rebills at $19.95
$24.95/35 days
$55.00/90 days
$100.00/165 days

Review of British Babes Uncovered:

I love British Girls. You know its just the accent. In pretty much every other way, they are the same as any other girls. But the accent, and the slang, boy oh boy, send me one over right now! There are many websites that have tried to capture the essence of British women. However, none of them have truly uncovered them! Today, British Babes Uncovered tries to do exactly that!

British Babes Uncovered is another one of those sites with multiple models, focusing more on pictures, and with a decent amount of content. I like to call them the anti-reality sites. More like a magazine site plus. You know the kinds of sites I am talking about if you've been around for a while. When I was browsing around British Babes, I found some stuff that was pretty unique to this site, which I will share with you in the review.

British Babes Uncovered starts with a page showing the latest updates. You get the four latest photosets first, each with one thumbnail. These thumbnails show off the women's faces pretty well. Underneath this you get thumbnails for the four latest videos. Curuiously, the thumbnails for the videos are significantly smaller and harder to use as previews against the pic thumbnails. Very odd, but it does give you an idea right away where they are placing their focus for the sites. The update date is also included with the thumbnail for both the pictures and the videos.

Going into the photos section, you get a page of facial portraits of each girl on the site. The first thing you will notice is that these are some beautiful women. When you come out of shock from some of their beauty, you can move on and get to seeing some of these pictures. One of the most unique things about British Babes is that you can only download zip files of the pictures. There are no galleries of thumbnails or anything like that online. That makes a big difference in the previews. Before going for a zip, you see only a) the portrait on the front page and b) the preview picture after you click that portrait. Now, zip files aren't huge or anything, but that isn't a lot of preview regardless. Luckily, they code all the pictures- G - Glamour / T - Topless / N - Nude / A - Adult / H - Hardcore / GG - GirlGirl / BG - BoyGirl / F - Fetish / Bo - Bondage. That gives you a basic idea of what a set is about. As a matter of fact, a few letters will give you a better idea of what is going on with a site than some with more previews!

So how do the pictures look? They are pretty decent! The quality is good- there is nothing mind blowing here, and most of the sets I downloaded were pretty basic. One thing I will mention is that the sets here are on the smaller side. I'm not neccesarily saying that as a bad thing. As a matter of fact, I've always been a quality over quantity person when it came to pictures. The backdrops here are pretty generic, and I think the theme is pretty much "check out these beautiful women" more than anything else. The zip files are pretty managable in size- around 10mb total. Still, it is a questionable strategy because the dialup people will still have a pretty big download on their hands.

Moving on the videos, there is a mixture of MPGs and WMVs. The videos page has the same small assed thumbnails as the main page. The previews for these are pretty weak. You really have to already enjoy one of the models to want to download the video, either that or download everything and sort it out later. The videos aren't bad, but tend to be a little pixely at full screen. This is true of both the MPGs and the WMVs, although I think the WMVs are a bit better. The video is obviously done by amateurs, a little shakiness and stuff in the camerawork, but that adds to the whole feel of the site. These aren't long videos, you'll be pressed to find many over 10 minutes- most being under 5 minutes. They don't put a lot of focus on the videos here, but some are still pretty nice.

There are some other options to the site- you can see some of the videos in streaming format. There is a models index, but it ultimately is inferior to the pictures page. The thumbnails are aim-icon size, the only plus is you can see which models have multiple sets. Actually, thats only good for me, as I'm probably the only one counting up sets on here! There is also a page dedicated to "friends" which is basically samples from other sites. I hate advertising on a pay site, especially when it is masked as a cool extra for the buyer.

I've mentioned that I am a big fan of the women on here; and that hasn't changed. These are all white women, most of them beautiful, porn magazine type women. Many come across as more natural than your typical porn mag girl, but they don't throw off the amateur vibe either. The site doesn't have a lot of hardcore to it. Lots of nude women, just showcasing their bodies. Not to say there isn't any hardcore or fetish work, but it is very minimal here.

So you might ask, what about the content? 67 photo sets and 28 videos of content here. This is about midlevel for a site like this. I wouldn't say it's model driven, although they do seperate by model. Translation- lots of girls only have one set, but its still seperate on here. There are no bonus sites. The site updates are hard to determine from the verbiage of the front page, but it looks like they are updated the photos every week or so, but sometimes with more than one update at once.


British Babes Uncovered is a decent site- nothing really stands out, except for a few design quirks. No pictures on site, just zip files? Weak previews for videos? I'd normally say the webmasters don't care- but it does seem to have a little heart put into it. Overall, if you like hot, softer porn in picture format- British Babes Uncovered might be worth a look.


Reader comments:

Comment by: Hewie Rating: 09-09-26

The trailer is crap

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