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Review of Miss Kitty Mansion:

Today I was craving some amateur porn. Some home made, do it yourself porno. I don't know exactly why. Maybe because I had been crawling through some generic, played out, cookie cutter internet porn. Luckily right when I hopped to the next site on my list, I saw I found what I was looking for. Today we take a look at the amateur Miss Kitty, and her mansion.

When I first saw that the model was Miss Kitty, I got a little excited. I was thinking of Kitty Fox, the older lady who is still swinging her saggy funbags on camera. Instead, I got this relatively young, fit, Miss Kity! The site is all about Miss Kitty and her friends. This is pretty much a single model site, although the friends have a bigger role than normal in other single model sites. Kitty is very good looking to me. She is very normal looking. She isn't twig skinny and she doesn't need a million years to get ready for a shoot. It is very amateur, and she is a very normal looking girl- but I would say she is on the prettier side for a true amateur.

The site is a headache to move around. I know I said I was craving amateur stuff earlier, but now I am craving an easy to use site! The problem here is that the indexing really isn't good. They don't have natural breaks to the site or anything like that. In some cases it's just some thumbnails, and you click and see what happens next. It's kind of like opening presents on Christmas morning! As fun as that can be sometimes, tis not the way you want a website. Once you get a basic feel for everything, you can start to understand how they have it set up.

The pictures are the prevailing content feature here at the mansion. When you get to the pictures page, you see some bigger thumbnails of the most recently added sets. Underneath this, you can go to each girls section. In addition to Miss Kitty, you have five other girls you can choose from. They all have a decent amount of content. The thumbnails are all done pretty well and the pages are laid out nicely, once you get into them. The design once you get into the sets is ok. There are plenty of pictures in each set, but I don't think they just throw a timer on and post it all either. It's pretty even and well thought out, in my eyes.

The quality of the pictures themselves is very nice actually. They are well taken, very crisp and clear, and overall just very nice. Most of the pictures are in the 1084x680 range. The pictures are set up in the way that if you click on the full size you are looking at, it takes you to the next one. They did a nice job with almost everything here. The galleries are set up decently and the quality is good. There are no cool, nifty little extras.

There is also a videos section here at the mansion. The video section was a little spotty for me though. All of the videos can be streamed through flash, but I couldn't get it to work on my computer. No big deal for me, I'm more into the pictures here anyway. However, it did get under my skin a bit that they have download links for all of the movies, yet only a few actually work. Kind of annoying, as I am a downloader, not a streamer.

The video quality is pretty decent- they do the videos you download in AVI DIVx format. They look pretty good, a lot better than some of the other single model, homegrown sites you'll see out there. I will give them that. There is a little bit of a pixelation at full screen, but honestly, I've seen a lot worse from a lot more professional sites than this.

The content level is pretty decent for a single model site. Each section of friends has a decent number of pictures and a couple of videos, and Miss Kitty probably has around fifteen sets of her own. The site is consistently updated as well, so there is that as a plus.

As far as what you get here- you get mainly solo hardcore, with some lesbian sets as well. All the models on the site are all amateur, and clearly so. I will describe the girls as such- if you met them, you'd probably throw it in them, but they aren't going to be runway models either. I think that is the hottest type of girl. Plain jane girls, attractive enough to drive you crazy, but realistic enough to make you feel like you actually have a chance.


This is a decent enough single model, amateur site. I feel its a little pricey for what you get, but if you like what you see with Miss Kitty and her friends, you should give it a shot. I've definitely seen worse sites, and the women on here are quite refreshing for me! I know it's amateur but still the page could be built a lot better. Using 1MB pictures as "thumbnails" is just asking for trouble. Also I ran into some blind links here and there. To sum up, even if this is an amateur site, the webmaster could do with a refresher course in building webpages.


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