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Review of Chicks Love Chicks:

Theres nothing better than a bunch of lesbians! I know, the idea of girls on girls is extremely played out by men. With todays everything-goes mentality in media, there is also a huge focus on this. It seems nowadays you can't turn on the tv without seeing girls kissing. So yes, it has lost some of its mystique, but put two girls in a room with you- and would you shun one of them away? I personally don't know if I could handle it. But I sure will love watching it in HD with Chicks Love Chicks.

Chicks Love Chicks is a site with a focus on lesbian sex in very high definition. The creators of this site and this network really aim to be the best quality porn site around. The focus on lesbians really helps that theme, I think. There are some themes that are a little on the grittier side. For example, I always found my genre of choice, older women, to be a gritty subject for porn. I don't need to see these old broads going at it in super beautiful quality, because they are flawed yet still beautiful to me. With girl on girl action, it is meant to be beautiful in most cases, so it fits the HD theme very well!

When you sign into Chicks Love Chicks, you get big pictures, big buttons, big everything. It's like they were making the site for senior citizens who have problems with their eyes. I don't know why they did that, maybe to showcase the high quality. They do that, and even the preview pictures look pretty stunning. The downside to that is that the actual site page is very big, long, and not very full. But I have to say, they did do something a little bit different. It's the typical video site layour, with one bigger thumbnail and four smaller- just make it five times bigger and you can get the idea. The design itself is pretty decent. The bottom of the site is full of unoriginal, bonus videos. I think those would be better on a seperate page. The way they showcase the bonus sites is a little bogus too. They give way too much space/preview to a site that we are going to check out with a membership anyways.

When you get into a movie, you get the same pictures again, and you get four qualities of video- Low and High Quality, DVD quality, and HD quality. The file sizes will vary from pretty small to super large! If you are going for HD movies, realize that these are some huge files. These all come in WMV format and are all full video movies. You can choose to stream them or download them. The previews do a very good job in showing you the action in the set, so you pretty much know how excited to get as you go into a set.

The quality of the videos here is awesome! This is one of their main selling points, and they make sure the proof is in the pudding. The videos look absolutely beautiful. The HD videos might run a little slow on some systems, but they are absolutely gorgeous. Even if they run slow for you, the DVD quality still looks great. I actually found myself going DVD most of the time, due to the fact that the videos were a size that was much more pleasing and easier for me.

The pictures are shown right below the video links, although they give you a seperate link on the main page- that takes you to the exact same page! The pictures are done in the same high quality as the videos are. They are taken independently and they look really nice. There are a few shots that are a bit "samey" and I think that makes the galleries bigger than they have to be. And the picture selection is sometimes a bit spotty. However, all in all, you get a very good picture section to compliment the very good videos very nicely.

The biggest downfall the site has- much with the rest of the network, is that there just aren't that many sets. The women are hot, and the action is great, but there are only 9 sets of content. Combine that with the fact that the site has no outward signs of being updated very often at all, and the bang for your buck value is very weak. There is a network attached, of like-minded, like-updated sites. They are: Two Hole Crammers, Hard N Dirty, Spicy Matures, Feet Pumpers, Sweet Fresh Tails, Meat Melons, Sizzling Sirens, and Dames With Dicks. All sites are comparable in quality and content.


If you love quality- this is the place to be. If you love quantity- this is the place to avoid. It's plain, pretty lackluster porn spruced up with a great quality. So you might ask, what if I like both? If so, it's worth a looksee, but know that you aren't get a whole lot here.


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