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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$94.00/365 days

Review of Orgy Sex Parties:

I just secured myself a huge workload once again. Pink Visual productions recently launched an array of new sites along with a fresh take on their on-line porn sites. This new take is that they are now making their videos downloadable (!). It used to be that we couldn't do anything with the videos except have them streamed in windows media format and frankly that made their sites a teeny bit frustrating to be members of. Now they are not exactly just giving it all up as this change was not done retroactively, meaning that the videos produced and upload to their sites before this change of heart, are still just available as streams. However, the reason I decided to do a review of this site now is because 6 months has passed by now and this makes for a nice chunk of downloadable videos for all sites now, enough anyways to make me curious once again. The first site I've chosen to dig into is Orgy Sex Parties because frankly the concept of massive gangbangs is right up my alley.

So the name pretty much gives it away, yes, we are dealing with all-out sex parties here. Not the kind we have gotten used to seeing that takes place in a club but more of an intimate gathering of people all looking to fuck as many people at once as possible. The parties usually start out with some drinks and general socializing and as everyone gets more and more loose the clothes comes off and the sucking and fucking begins. There appears to be no limits and all girls go full boy/girl hardcore with all the guys on turns. The reason why I mention this is because on 3 similar "party" sites that I can recall right now, there are always some "extras"-girls that just kinda stand around to shake their booty and maybe strip a little, this is not the case here, anyone is fair game.

The action has a much more raw feeling to it because of the private surroundings that a house offers as opposed to a club but it's also worth mentioning that you can hear the people talk/shout/moan as they are having fun. This kind of audio is sadly missed on other sex-party sites where you can only hear the loud music thumping. Also the girls are mainly American here which of course means that you can understand what they are saying and they are not shy about expressing themselves or saying what they wanna do or have done to them. Overall I really liked this "new" style as I felt it was much more horny, raw and in my face and I felt a lot closer to the action that have I felt on similar sites.

The site's layout/design is pretty cookie cutter. All the sites that Pink Visual produces are made with the same template and this is probably a good thing as it makes it easy to navigate all the sites you obtain access to when you sign up. It is, however, also a bit less impersonal for each site as they never get to really stand out except on the different niche content featured on each site. Basically there is nothing about the design to get excited about visually, it's simple and to the point with absolutely no fuzz and also no ads anywhere. Although I found it a bit dull I have to admit that the simplicity was nice when I was just rolling through the videos.

For the amount of downloadable content is far from massive at this point. The site has been live since August 2006 and has since accumulated 50 exclusive sex party episodes which is nice. However the download were not made available until April 2007. This means that the first 29 episodes are only available to stream whereas the updates since then are available to download in 5 different quality level ranging from HD to Dial-up quality, this is also true for the streams. You can choose whether to download/stream a movie as segments or as one full video file. As a nice bonus more than anything, all the episodes feature good quality still photos and not just screen caps. With 200+ pictures per episode a .zip file download would have been nice.

The update frequency is close to regular, I mean I definately see a pattern even if the updates do not fall within a specific time frame or a determined day of the week you get about 1 episode per week, more accurately 1 every 9 days. Sometimes two weeks can pass before the next update is posted and some times another update arrives three days after the last one. In the end all I can say for sure is that for the past year 3-4 updates have always been posted within a month. I wish they would pick a day of the week to post the updates but at least they advertise the dates of the next two updates so you're not flying completely in the blind regarding when to check back in for the new stuff.

A huge upside to the relatively high membership fee is the 24 exclusive bonus sites that you get access to when you sign up. All the other sites that Pink Visual produce are of high quality and I can honestly say that when it comes to camera work and video editing they display some abilities and proffessionalism that other on-line porn sites can not or do not bother to match. I won't go into all the niches that the bonus sites offer but eventually all the sites will be listed to right of this review and you can work that out for yourself. I will say however that the term "exclusive" is used rather loosely as all their sites are also offered as bonus sites on other porn sites. Granted there you can only stream the videos but still, the videos can be viewed a on a lot of other sites a bonus plugin feeds.

The bottom line
The whole "partial" downloading is rather confusing and irritating at first. After a while I accepted the fact that only the last 6 months were downloadable for all the sites but I caught myself many times thinking: "Man, this would I would have like to have saved on my hard drive". Still it's a change for the better and with 24 bonus sites that feature pro-video productions all around I can't say that the $40 is a rip-off, far from it. I would have shelled out close to 5 stars for this package if the price had been a bit lower and everything was clear and ready to download. For now I'll say it's decent deal because of the well done sex-party videos and the huge amount of bonus content.


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