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Review of Spicy Matures:

I like spicy food. Give me a normal dish, and eight times out of ten, I will throw some hot sauce on it. For me, it has a two fold effect. First of all, it makes the dish even more flavorful. Second of all, the hot sauce is so freaking hot, it will burn my mouth, and for some reason, that really helps to fill me up. So good tasting and a diet aid all wrapped in one package. What else can boast that? Well, sex with a mature women can be good tasting and can help you burn off the fat as well!

Any mature women that want to give my theory a whirl, give me a call. Until then, I will be checking out Spicy Matures. Spicy Matures is a site that has mature women in a very nice HD format. The focus here is of course on the matures, but just as much focus is put on the HD quality of the videos. This is an HD site through and through, and you will even see the name on the url. I thought it was cool to have a HD site with mature women. So here we go!

When you first sign into Spicy Matures, the first thing you will notice is- big! Everything is bigger! The pictures are bigger, the text is bigger, and the page is bigger. I don't know why they tried this out here, but it works kind of good. There is a lot more scrolling to do as you go down the site, but the bigger site does give kind of a high definition feel right off the bat. However, I also see this as the sites downfall. It's just kind of hard to navigate with all of the bigness around. The sets are hard to look through, and the bonus sites are really difficult to navigate. While I liked the idea, it just didn't work out as well with this particular design. Have to give them credit for being a little different, though!

The videos on Spicy Matures come in the WMV format. When you click into the video page, you get five nice preview pictures, one being pretty big, and others being bigger thumbnails. This will give you a nice idea of what the girls look like. From there, you can either download or stream in four qualities of video. Each of these are WMVs and they are all one segment only. With an HD site, I'm glad they didn't try segmenting, even though some of the high quality videos are very big (1000MB!)

With a quality like that, you can imagine the videos are pretty nice. Truth be told, they are awesome. They are clear, crisp and clean quality wise. They are also immaculate on the filming end of things. The shots are done nice, nothing is overdone, and everything is shot very professionally. I was a very big fan of the way the videos looked! They might have lagged back a little bit at first when I fast forward them, but other than that, absolutely no complaints here.

The pictures are much of the same. They look awesome, and again they are shot professionally. The only thing about the pictures here is that they are obviously not the focus. The pictures are shown underneath the videos on the set page, and there are no real extras to them. You can't download full sets, and theres no slideshow or any kind of hands-free browsing. Still, with all of that missing, they still have a very competent pictures section. The pics are very crisp and clear, there are very few cases where they are not. The scenes are posed out pretty well, and even though this might be leftover video fodder, its very good leftover video fodder.

I guess my biggest problem with the site overall is that it just didn't seem to have much soul. I know that might sound stupid to some, but it is very much just a "heres the stuff" site. They just display the content and don't do much to make it come alive. I know it might be moot to some, but I really like the small touches that some sites add to go that extra mile.

The women on Spicy Matures are definitely spicy, and mature! So I guess they fit in nicely! This is a nice collection of older women. What I liked is that they didn't use a whole lot of younger looking girls. This is definitely aimed at the older mature crowd, but with a beauty of girl that in many cases won't scare away the casual fan of porno. The action here is mainly one on one, man on woman action. It doesn't get too exciting or kinky, pretty much your basic stuff here.

Another big issue with the site is the updates. They do not list update date or times, and throughout the site, all you see is "recent update." That gives me a feeling that they used that verbiage because they don't plan on having anything else added. I hope I am wrong, but I am just going by gut feeling. Unfortunately they don't do anything to make my gut feeling seem wrong- dates and times people! There is a nice little network attached here that makes the site worth the price tag, but it just seems like a smaller collection all around. Total set count is right now at 11, which is actually kind of high for this network.

There are some bonus sites here with Spicy Matures. They are: Two Hole Crammers, Hard N Dirty, Chicks Love Chicks, Feet Pumpers, Sweet Fresh Tails, Meat Melons, Sizzling Sirens, and Dames With Dicks. All sites are comparable in quality and content.


I think this site is better than the previous network site I reviewed, Sizzling Sirens. The theme is strengthened and there are a few more videos. However, the same problems exist- too much of a focus on HD and less of a focus on site, and worst ever, the unknown updates to the site. This is a nice site, but it does have its downfalls.


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Reader comments:

Comment by: illusions Rating: 07-10-29

great! mature women are the sexiest...

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