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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Other, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$59.85/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Fuck You Paul:

The biggest curse of being a cassanova is the jilted lovers that end up circulating in your life. Unless you move around a lot, you are ultimately going to get some crazies. Some, like me, only wish they had that problem. People like me end up with the crazies! You can hear all about these types of girls- fucking up your car, calling your new girl, and basically just being a pain in the ass. They are stereotyped in the song "Before He Cheats" and that is exactly what we have on our hands here at Fuck You Paul.

Instead of carving her name into Paul's leather seats, this girl goes one better and becomes a porn star. The site is all about revenge on Paul, who dumped the girl for someone of a more blonde variety. I am all about jilted lovers taking to the internet for revenge, because it always means good things for me! And here, we get the site Fuck You Paul, whose idea I really like. We'll get more into the execution later. But Fuck You Paul is all about seeing what you are not getting anymore, Paul!

When you sign into Fuck You Paul, you'll see a sleek, nice looking website. Any ideas that this is an amateur site based on true revenge, well, that notion will be out the door once you see this excellent design. The front page is mainly a menu page. There are three photo options. One is a traditional gallery, there is also a flash viewer, and the ability to download the zip files as well. Each of the three options is separated on the front page here. There is also a video page, and a link to see a sneak peek of what is coming next.

I'm a video guy, so we'll talk videos first. Again, the design is just awesome here. There is one picture to represent the set only. However, since its the same girl through and through, its good, because the rest of the picture gives you an idea of whats going on. You then have some cool dropdown effect they did to either stream or download the movie. This is awesome, send the code to other sites! It replaces the description with your download options and you take it from there. You can also comment on the stuff if you want. Qualities are HD, high, low, and ipod for download, and high medium low for streaming. All would be WMVs except for the ipod actually.

The quality of the videos is great! I went for the HD quality. The videos are very clear and crisp with this quality. If you bring them up to full screen, you will see that these are "widescreen" videos with the bars at the top and the bottom. The videos are shot very professionally and look very good all the way around. A lot of the scenes are outdoors, and the nature is very crisp and clear looking. It almost makes me want to go for a trip and enjoy the scenery!

Onto the pictures, we've already touched on the awesome options of the photo sets. So we'll jump right to the quality- and that is awesome as well! Again, in the galleries, there is some cutting edge design- everything loads fast, and I guess it's ajax-based. Whatever that means. I always thought ajax was the stuff you put in your toilet bowl, but if it makes porn sites this good, I want some for myself! The pictures look great as well- and they are high quality at the same time. Very nice all around for the pictures, which are the bigger focus on here I would say!

I think my biggest issue with the site is the name. I mean, for being a big fuck you to Paul, he is hardly mentioned here. Its basically a softcore site with some harder tendencies, If I was making a site in this theme, I'd have a bunch of crazy fuck you's to Paul! Hell, I'd be banging his best friend, telling embarassing stories, and all that. If I was Paul, I'd say, ok, how is this effecting me? I've seen you naked, and I left you. Why would the site, other than the name, effect me a bit? That is the biggest problem I had with the site.

The girl here, who, by my investigative prowess, I found to be named "Mel", is an attractive looking "alt" girl. The kind that would be featured on Suicide Girls, or a similar site, but not to an extreme extent. She has the hair, not a lot of piercings or tats, though. She is definitely cute and has a nice body, so I'm not sure why Paul left her, unless she has a bit of the crazy to her! As I said before, this site is more softcore than hard through and through- so you can't be looking for anything too crazy here. It's mainly solo stuff with a few girl/girl sets thrown in, but it stays pretty soft throughout.

The site is updated on a regular basis. The videos are added twice monthly. The pictures are added every 8 days. This is ample, but I think it falls a bit short for what is essentially a single model site. In my eyes, it should be updated twice weekly at least, but I have high expectations for single model sites. Right now there are 17 video sets and 21 picture sets. There is free access to Cute Rain's site as well!


Fuck You Paul is a site that has probably the best design I've seen in a long while. The concept is great, but I don't think it is executed properly. If the idea was to just have a solo site, don't use Paul to get me excited about a great theme. Otherwise, everything else was in line, and if Mel is your cup of tea, there shouldn't be much holding you back!


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