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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days

Review of All Fits In:

I love soda, almost as much as I love porn. When I go to a fast food establishment, I like to get the largest drink on the menu. I will take it down with room to spare in most cases. However, I've found that certain places have a drink that is too big for my cupholder. That really bothers me, and I end up trying to get something that is too big to fit into a hole it was not meant for. The website All Fits In has no trouble with this problem, maybe I should call one of these lovely ladies next time my cup is too big?

Nah, forget it. They'd probably just end up sticking it in their pussy, anyways! All Fits In is a site all about extreme penetrations. We've seen some of these on other sites before, but very seldom is a site dedicated to extreme and oddball penetrations. For example, right now I am looking at a young lady who has a beer bottle in her cooch. I think it is a cool theme with a cool name. I can see where a site like this one would excel- it's an interesting theme, and its not a subject tackled by the majors too much.

When you sign into All Fits In, you have the option of the German or the English version of the page. I only speak English, so I had to go for that. When you see that option, you know the site is going to be based somewhere other than the states. This is furthered when you see some of the broken English on here. "Julia is searching for the eggs. I have hide them (in my pussy . Do Julia find the eggs?" Cmon now, I have a lot of German friends who I talk to online who don't come anywhere near that level of English butchery. This has to be done by a bot, but either way, I guess you get the point. Once you get in, you get a page that shows one preview thumbnail per set, and all the sets are spread across several pages.

The page shows all of the content together, although some sets are strictly pictures. That didn't surprise me, as this theme has been more common in picture groups over the years. However, some are just videos, and some have both. I found the pictures to be sort of a mixed bag. Sometimes they were decent, sometimes they were a bit off. I think my biggest complaint would be too many close ups. I have no problem with close ups, but they really need to flesh out their sets a bit more. I just like to see the womans face sometimes, and that is definitely not what you see much of here. I thought the order was a bit illogical at points as well.

The quality of the pictures really ranged. I don't think any of the pictures were superb or out of this world. I did come across some that were pretty decent. However, some where just not so good- they were made much bigger than they really should have been. Therefore there is a loss of quality. I actually had to shrink some down to make them look better. The photo quality could also use a bit of work- it seemed a little dull. They could have breathed a lot more into this I think.

The videos have an equal importance here, although I think there are more pictures than movies. There are some pages which have all pictures and no movies at all. When you get into a movie page, you can download WMV format segments or a full movie. These range in size but are pretty long, don't think you are getting quick clips here, which the theme might lend itself to. Instead these are full scenes. You can also stream the video in flash format. This actually is pretty cool because you can do a quick stream for the first minute as a preview before downloading, which I though was cool at least. The videos are 1500k and they look really good! The quality is great and you can full screen without too much loss of quality- and not to mention a very nice clear picture. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the videos.

The girls on All Fits In were pretty attractive girls doing some crazy things. For example, as I stated before, the hiding the egg in the pussy trick. There is also a set where one girl takes a sausage and puts it all the way in there, and then the other girl eats it. This site is all about crazy stuff like this. While it is mainly girl play, there are a few dicks on the site as well. Overall, the action was pretty cool and fresh.

At the time of review, there were 45 sets of content with weekly updates. This is mixed pictures and videos. I think the only thing that really lowers the content level is that there seems to be more pictures than videos, and I always consider videos beefier content- and really think four or so picture sets are equal to one movie set to me, content-wise. Also, it kind of bothered me some of the hottest looking sets didn't have video. There is a section called bonus material, which looks like more of the same type of stuff- this confused me more than anything.


If this had been all videos, it would have ranked a lot higher. The videos here are just so much better than the pictures. I'm not saying that because I'm a video fan, I'm saying it because its true. That would be the biggest issue here- they are unique and interesting, without it being forced or plain stupid. If it was all videos, I'd be in love with the site. As it is, I'd say the big penetration fans will still like it.. have a look!


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