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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $26.00/30 days
$71.00/90 days

Review of Glossy Angels:

Sometimes a picture is not enough. Instead, you need to get it glossy. Glossy is a shiny coat that makes an everyday picture look super great, and I believe it makes it last longer as well. So even when you have a great picture, if you make it glossy, it becomes even better. So what should you do with an angel, a woman perfect in every sense of the word? Make her an angel, of course!

Glossy Angels is a site with a focus on beautiful women. The site is more like a model-based, photo site, than anything else. I actually like the whole name of the site. Glossy sounds like something that describes a great woman to me. I don't know why, maybe because it reminds me of glossy paint. Or of glazed doughnuts. Well, either way, I liked the name of the site. Now, I was a little skeptical going in based on the sister sites of this one. Let's see how everything turned out.

Glossy Angels
starts out with a huge picture of the latest girl. This looks good! Underneath this, you get a thumbnail for each previous set. Most of the thumbnails are pretty good. There are a couple which will just show a tit or something, but most of them do a good job of showing the entire girl or at least her face. Underneath this, we get the six latest video sets previewed as well. The topbar has options to check out pictures, movies, or to see the site by model. Cool choices! Overall, I would say the site design is pretty good. Just from the overall look and idea of the site, you can see that they are going to focus more on the pictures.

Clicking into a video set, you get lots of thumbnails. All of the thumbnails are shown on one page. While each set does have a lot of thumbnails, I also think they could have cut down by at least a quarter. There are a lot of pictures that look very samey, or similar to the last one. I think this can be a big problem with photo sites like this, although it is not here. It is just a minor annoyance rather than a major one. The pictures here are either 1200 or 2000 pixels. You select the one you want from the thumbnail. Just clicking the thumbnail will default to the 1200 picture. Needless to say, at this quality, the pictures look very good!

When you click on either 1200 or 2000 for your picture, the picture will pop up in a new window. The picture is very good quality as you can imagine- very clean, clear, and looking great. I think the site falls a bit in the actual poses (described a bit above, too samey!) and also in the extras category. I really think that if photos is going to be your big thing, you should have the sets up as zip files. Other than that, though, they do a pretty good job here.

Glossy Angels also has a videos section. In here, you get one thumbnail preview only. The videos are WMV and they are pretty good in quality. While not perfect, you do get a good quality video with a full screen and a nice look to it. Since this is an artsier type site, they do some artsy things like switching from color to black and white, shit like that throughout here. The videos are not usually long, just a couple of minutes, and not real hardcore. If you've been a member of any site remotely like this, you can already describe the video section I'm sure.

To the action- Glossy Angels is a softcore site. Imagine the pictures in playboy, you're not getting a whole lot more than that. However, the girls here are very beautiful. The action is photographed pretty well as well, and the total package works out pretty nicely. However, if you are going into this as a hardcore fan, this will more than likely disappoint.

As far as content, there are between 125-150 sets. There is plenty of content for you to be satisfied for a while! There are also over 20 videos for you to check out. The site is updated a few times a week, but a little inconsistent looking at the timestamps on the site. I haven't figured out the schedule but more than once a week is sufficient for a site like this in my eyes.


I'd like to give these angels some gloss! In closing, Glossy Angels is a cool little site. It has some great work in the softcore genre without being too artsy like many sites try. They have plenty of content, and some beautiful women, and a nice approach to the site. I would say fans of softcore probably have better sites to see first, but this one is definitely solid for what it is!


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