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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of MILF Thing:

I had an absolutely smashing time here and there's no real sense in trying to beat around the bush about that. I honestly did not think that the producers of,, and, among others, would jump on the the MILF (Mother's I'd Like to Fuck) train. Their previous sites have been especially known for high quality and especially young tight women. With switch into more mature women they are trying to corner yet another Internet porn market. with their recipe as always being “high quality in everything” this particular site is a welcomed changed, as opposed to all the cookie cutter MILF sites simply trying to cash in on the niche. Check out why MILF Thing stands out from the rest of them.

The first and crucial point to brush on would have to be the quality. If you regularly purchase porn DVDs you might have heard the name Raul Christian, well either way, this is the guy behind the whole thing. Ever since he burst on to the internet and dvd porn scene his name has been synonymous with sharp high quality imagery. This has been cause for many great reviews of his earlier sites and back when Asstraffic as new, we were a group of review sites that voted together and named that site best new site of the year. This speaks volumes I think, no cookies being cut here. If you have tried signing up to other alluring MILF sites lately, you have most likely experienced some of the sub-par ones. You know what I'm talking about, 1 clip for download, no choice of quality, just below average. No halfway decent still pictures just a picture section made from screen captures and thats it. Don't worry, MILF thing has more to offer, read on.

The women and episodes
The site is now kicking off it's official launch with a healthy start of 18 episodes/women. As always Raul has a great eye for the models and always seem to pick from the top of the barrel. Of course it also helps that girls get covered in full body make-up and has their hair done really porn doll-like. If you dig your porn au-natural, this type of site is now for you, however if you like you porn to be as dolled up as possible, then start screaming for a casino manager because you hit the jackpot. The interesting thing about any MILF site is, at what age will the producers say a women qualifies for this niche? As far as I could tell the women can be from 29 years and up to their late thirties, it is not written what age every woman is, but it is for some of them.

The video

Down to the nitty gritty of any porn site, the media. For sites like this it's a pleasure to talk about because of all the options available to you and because the quality is just as it should be. Let's look at the video files you can download first.

Download Full High quality WMV Movie
960x576, 713 MB, 3000 kbps
Highest quality, longest download time

Download Full Medium quality WMV Movie
640x480, 397 MB, 1500 kbps
Medium quality, medium download time

Download Full Low quality MPEG Movie
320x240, 209 MB, 750 kbps
Lowest quality, shortest download time

You also have a choice of downloading the movie in 8 segments. The quality for the segments equals the low quality MPEG movie and is infact mpg files as well.

The pictures

Maybe you, like me, still like to watch really well shot porn pictures and so you would like to know what you can expect in this department. The pictures here are paid just as much attention in the production phase as the videos and you can expect professional still photos all the way. The lighting is always great and each picture is gone over in post production and bad ones are weeded out so only the best of the best make it to the site. Here a lot of the pictures also get airbrushed (told you it was dolled up) to give the pictures that glam touch. Again this is a matter of taste and possibly mood on any given day, I admit to being a sucker for dolled up women ;)
The resoluion of the photos end up a a healthy 1500x1000 and you have the option of downloading each set of photos as one big .zip files (always appreciated).


Basically the site is easy to find your way around and there are a few tools to help you find just the right set for you. Granted, that with 18 episodes available from the get-go, the quantity is not enough to get lost in but after 6 months of weekly updates it could very well become.

On the first page when we log in (Home) we have a nice overview of the site. First of all we get all the content summarized in the upper right corner stating how many movies and models the site currently holds, when the site was updated last and when the next update will hit. There is also a teaser trailer for the upcoming update just in case you weren't thinking about sticking around perhaps ;)

Other than that we can see which was the latest update, we can check out the top 5 best user rated movies and get an overview of the last 20 updates all on the first page. When the number of movies exceeds 20 you'll have to go to the "all movies" sections to get the complete listing of movies with thumbnails and descriptions. Here you can list the movies as you want as some "order by" options are available; date, model name, rating. You also always have a model search box you can fill in and hit go. Honestly, I suck at remember the model's names so I depend on the thumbnails a great deal.

For each movie/episode you can get to put your two cents in. You can do with by just rating the episode on a star scale from 1-5 or you can take some time off and write a whole review on it. I think that for just a single scene, writing an entire review is kind of extreme, maybe just calling it comments would suffice, but nevertheless this is what they have chosen that it's for, reviews. Remember you have to write at least 300 characters. To kick it off there is a guy who writes reviews of the episodes and end each review by giving the episode 8 to 9.5 out of 10. It's rather funny because I doubt other users will do much more than drop 10 words of comments about an episode.

I'd like to finish this section off by saying you have your own favorites page available and by a single click you can add an episode to it. This is good for filtering.

A small annoyance comes in the shape of ads placed around the site. They are not hidden in every little crack, which has sometimes been the case on the previous sites, no instead there is a big ass ad at the very bottom of the episode pages. They are not intrusive in any way so they didn't really bother me that much.

The action

This about as hardcore as it can get. Naturally every scene/episode will feature boy/girl hardcore fucking but there will also be the occasional anal scene here and there, they are, however, not that frequent. The action is straight up gonzo, no story is provided, it's all just straight down to business. The scenere changes and everything is not just shot in the same room or even building.

The bottom line
This shows off their hardcore MILFs they it was always intended, in high quality. Recommend.

Monthly - €29.95 EUR
3 Day Trial - €2.95 EUR
3 Month - €69.95 EUR

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